Study in Australia for free without ielts

Study in Australia for Free without IELTS 2020, is it going to be possible? Australia: The largest island on Earth and the driest inhabited continent. It is now home to people of many nationalities and has more than 80% of endemic animals and birds such as kangaroo, koala, kookaburra to name a few. 19 sites of Australia have made it into the UNESCO world heritage list. Lush rain forests, waterfalls, sandy beaches, miles of sandy desert land contribute to making of the land; Australia.

Check if you Can Study in Australia for Free without IELTS 2020?

Yes you can, if you are able to obtain a scholarship. Australian Universities are keen in aiding international students to take up courses in Australia with study abroad free programs. The scholarships that are been offered by some states in Australia waive not only the tuition fee but offer money to cover living expenses as well. Such states are the state of Western Australia and Queensland.

Study in Australia for free without ielts

Study in Australia for free 2020

To quote a few examples: The University of Western Australia gave around 90 scholarships to PhD students which waived the tuition fees, The University of Sydney offers around 30 research scholarships which not only waives the tuition fees but also offers a stipend of $20000 a year for Masters degree, another is the University of Melbourne which gives out 150 scholarships. These scholarships are founded solely by the Australian government most of the time.

Scholarships Available to Study in Australia for Free without IELTS

  • Australian University Scholarships: Search the data base of the universities and you will be able to find out what the respective institutions have to offer.
  • Australian Awards: Visit the website for further information. These awards are focused on achievement and development.
  • Endeavour Awards: For students from the regions of Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Americas and Europe. Visit for more information.
  • Australian Leadership Awards: Support for post graduate studies and fellowships. The website to visit for more information is
  • Australian Development Scholarships: Directed at bringing about development in participating countries through the students who receive education in Australia. The website for more information is
  • There are also other scholarship programs available which are offered by particular countries that partner with Australia, such as USA and Canada. Anne Wexler Australian-American Public Policy Scholarships, American Australian Association Education Fund, are such programs.

If this country is where you are looking for to continue your studies and you think you can’t afford to pay the full fees, try applying for a scholarship and achieve your dream. This is some information about how you can study in Australia for free 2020 without IELTS.