To Study abroad in Australia 2020 is a grand prospect for the students to erect their career with the world’s best top universities. Australia is one of the smallest continents in the world but the largest island. Australia has a mere population of about 20 million. There are about 130 nationalities included in the total population of Australia that makes it one of the multicultural countries. The people of Australia love sport, adventure outdoors, and they adore their beaches.

 Being a multicultural country it has stylish café civilization. The restaurants of Australia provides excellent food, wine and fascinating services. You can easily find many Thai, Italian and Greek restaurant that serves fantastic food with superb taste. Australia is enriched with great culture with mixture of many languages, fashions, building, and gastronomy.

Why Study abroad in Australia 2020 in Australian universities- Scholarships

Australia rank third among the international students in English speaking language following the UK and USA. But in most of the countries Australia is the first option for the students who are willing to Study abroad free programs in Australia 2020. There are about 4, 15,000 international students studying in the Australian institutions. The education system in Australia offers more then 12,000 courses that are renowned globally along with the international standards.  The students all over the world is fascinated toward the country due to its natural beauty, peaceful surrounding, and multicultural tradition, broad-based cities and education system which is relatively low in comparison to USA, UK or Canada. Australia government provides a safe and secure atmosphere for the international students with a higher standard of living compared to other countries in the world.

For higher studies the country encourages modernization, innovative and free thinking. During your Study abroad free in Australia you will be given proper education to communicate efficiently with the other people, and also to develop the realistic abilities which you require in order to achieve success. Australia offers less tuition fee for most of the admired courses. Bachelor’s degree can be easily completed in three years in comparison to four years in America.  Australia is known for its college, university, and school all over the world and the students graduated form this university and college can easily get employed any where in the world.

“Why Study abroad in Australia 2020” Courses emphasize

There are 18 universities in Australia that offers semester programs, ten programs in summer, also with a placement that is available throughout the year. According to your needs you can select from various educational programs. Many part time jobs are offered by the Australia’s program related to employment assistance even while a person is enrolled to Study abroad free in Australia.

Australia is a peace loving country with low rate of crime, no political issues, and strict control on gun provides a safe and secure atmosphere. Australia is tolerant toward all religion. You can have all the rights to practice your devotion and belief with no harassment or inequity. Australians respect the cultural bought by the international students. Australians are free and have friendly nature people. If you are seeking higher education with a good life style, then it is a perfect place for you to continue your study aboard in Australia 2020.

Why Study Abroad Australia

Study abroad Australia is dream of many students. In the whole world there are seven continent, but Australia is smallest continent with largest island. It says that Australia is very attractive country of the world. Australia is one of those countries which are full of natural beauty and naturally resources. It is also says that Australia is land of kangaroos and beautiful birds. After USA and UK it is third country which students preferred most for studies, but in some countries Australia is first choice of the students. Living and working in the UK is much expensive as compare to the australia. Australia provide perfect and unique education to the students. The population of the Australia is almost 20 millions and the people of this country is adventurous, friendly, and loving. Australian’s people are multicultural.

In Australia there are many famous  colleges and universities for the students. All the universities of the Australia are reputed. Mostly students  goes  study abroad Australia for vocational and technical education. The educational system of the Australia is standardized with the great life style opportunities. In every years almost 200,000 international students chose this country for studies. Australia gives qualifications to international students for many years, the history of its is very old. The educational charges of the Australia is less than USA and UK. The education system of the Australia offers 12000 course, and these courses are recognized in whole world. Less tuition fee to study in Australia as compare to the USA and UK. Australia provide safe study, and high standard of living to the international students. One of the biggest advantage to study in Australia is that the students can work up 20 hours per week during semester and vacations.

There are many top universities in the Australia. Australian universities teaches high quality education to the students. Australian undergraduate education is best in the world. one thing common among the UK and Australia that they offered few undergraduate  scholarship to the international students. All institutes,school and colleges are highly qualifield.The best universities of the Australia are these.

  Merits and Demerits:

International students Accommodation:

for the international students accommodation is not a big problem, because some college and universities resident halls and flats to the students on rent. Private rooms and houses are also available for the students its depend on the students that which one they chose to live. Mostly internationals students prefer to live in accommodation of the universities. The rent is affordable for students they can pay easily.

The weather of the Australia is opposite to the northern hemisphere. Hemisphere means half sphere, winter is start in the June and summer is start in the December.Australia is driest country of the world.  40% part of the Australia is desserts. Summer in Australia is quite hot and winter is very pleasant in the Australia. The level of the average rain in the year in very low, that the reason of its dryness.

the patrol cost in the Australia is just on A$1.20 people can easily buy it.

In Australia the small bottle of the water is A$2.50, which everyone can easily afford.

  If you want to buy a small bottle of the wear it would be approximately A$ 2.50, and it is not much expensive.

If you ever go to watch the movie, the ticket of the is in A$18.00

If you want to buy any t shirt, the price of it would be A$ 30.00, it is very high price of the t-shirt.

 If you want to send cards on the birthday, anniversary, the price of these is very cheaper. The price of the cards is A$2.00

per liter milk price in the Australia is A$ 2.00

If you want to take coffee at any restaurant or hotel, the price of it is A$ 2.50

          Dialing Code:

The dialing code of Australia is ( 61).


the currency use in the Australia is Australian Dollar.

 GMT/UTC +10 (Eastern Standard Time), GMT/UTC +9.5 (Central Time), GMT/UTC +8 (Western Time).

There are many famous singers and actor/actress present to the Australia. Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Cate Blanchett, Eric Bana and Delta Goodrem.

the best cricketer of the Australia is Shane warne is best leg spin bowler in the history of the world  and Brett Lee is known as the faster bowler of the world. everyone must know about the Ricky pointing he is best batsman of the Australia. He is the most successful captain of the Australian team. In the leadership of the Rickey pointing Australia win three world cups.

Dawn Fraser, a former swimmer and holder of the women’s 100m freestyle Olympic record for 15 years.

The kids musical group Wiggle is also famous in the world.

Study Abroad in Australia 2020
Study Abroad in Australia 2020


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    i passed +2 before 2years n im trying to go to australia for study in is possible to study in there for me wthout ielts however i take a ielts class bt not do? plz answed me

  3. I want to do my master degree in biogeography at any Australian university with low cost or for free and at the same time work alongside. please reply if there`s vacancies.

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    I am Saw Naing Lin who is currently living in Refugee Camp in Thai-Burma border. I finished year 12 in Refugee Camp in 2009. After finishing year 12 , i joined a small College for two years in 2011-2012. This college is just for community people who have lived in Refugee Camp. On the other hand, i joined English Immersion Program ( EIP) that is supported by World Education Organization in Thai – Burma border. I finished this school now. As a result, i would like to study in Australia with free charge because no one can support me in my family. I really want to study in there. Therefore, i kindly need your help to study there and how to get there.

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    After that I did M.Phil in Biotechnology (2 Years program) from Government College University, Lahore, Pakistan in Feb, 2012. Scored cGPA 3.68/4.0, Acquired 1st Position in University Overall.
    Now I want to get Admission in M.Sc Biomedical Engineering in Australia.
    I am a brilliant student. I want to get scholarship for study in Australian universities. please help me out.
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  9. I live in Pakistan and want to study in Australia because when we look our educational system and compare to foreign education we will clearly know that our education system completely corrupted
    reason unaware and terrorism.

  10. I am currently studying foundation in business, and going to complete this course soon. I want to pursue my degree in overseas. Is there any scholarship applicable for this field or free?

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