UK student visa application

UK Student Visa Application Online

Wanna apply for UK Student Visa Application online 2020? The United Kingdom is the most sought after place by students because of its flexible policies and various prestigious universities while they opt for UK student visa application. If you want to study in any university in the UK, you will have to apply for a UK student Visa. But student visas are only for those students who aren’t citizens of any country from the European Union.

Types of UK Student Visa Application 2020

Student Visas in UK have two types:

  • The Student Visitor Visa 2020
  • Tier 4 Student Visa 2020

The Student Visitor Visa is for short courses (up to 6 months) and is also needed for any English language course ( up to 11 months), for courses comprising of lengthier duration, the Tier 4 student visa is there, and it is further divided into 2 categories; Tier 4 (General) and Tier 4 (Child). Now for the Tier 4 Student Visa, if you are under 18 you will apply for the Tier 4 (Child Visa); older applicants will have to apply for the Tier 4 (General) visa and above 19 students cannot attempt a GCSE level examination.

UK student visa application

UK student visa application

UK Student Visa 2020 Requirements

Next come the requirements, below 18 students can attempt any level studies but above 18 students cannot attempt GCSE level examinations. They must be A level or University Foundation. For foreign students it is necessary to verify that the institute they are applying for is UK Border Agency and hence is authorized to grant the student a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies certificate, this is very necessary as it is the main thing required when applying for a student visa. Now come the verification of funds, this means that you have to give proof that you have sufficient funds to support you 1st year of studies and at least £7,200 for accommodation. Student loans and scholarships are also to be shown as proof as these are also counted among funds. For above 18 students, passing an approved English Language Test is also mandatory.

UK Student Visa 2020 Application Process

For a student Visitor Visa the requirements are somewhat simpler, a document from a verified institution confirming you as a student is required. A course of maximum 11 months ( for English) and 6 months ( for any other) is the maximum duration, funds for the complete funding of the course and £800 per month for accommodation and other expenses is also required. Funds also include scholarships and study abroad loans. Recent grades and documents confirming citizenship are to be submitted to the British Embassy and candidate will be called for an interview and his/her previous record and other details maybe inquired.

It’s that simple really, not much hassle is required. Studying in UK 2020 is comparatively easy thanks to the British student visa. The UK student visa also provides one with opportunity to work and support one’s studies. Full-time work during vacations and 20 hours per week for a graduate level student, below that work limit is 10 hours per week.  The United Kingdom is a really good opportunity thanks to the numerous universities and job vacancies there. It is a polishing ground for young students.

UK has started online visa application processing for the Pakistani students. You can easily get the evaluation and acceptance now for

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