Study in Switzerland without IELTS

Study in Switzerland without IELTS for free

Are you interested to Study in Switzerland without ielts 2020? Yeah, many students are interested to opt for this opportunity but they are not aware of this. Like most of the European universities and countries, the universities in Switzerland are also requiring the students to have minimum 5 bands in IELTS if they really want to get admission abroad in Switzerland.

Study in Switzerland without IELTS 2020 as this is of course one of the best countries to offer education to the international students. The country Switzerland is enriched in many things including its academics. But even in Switzerland, free education is possible with the help of scholarships. Switzerland is an expensive country because the economic situation of the country is very strong.

Free education in Switzerland is going to be no more in the world but only if you avail of the study abroad scholarships. But still the cost of education is low compared to many other European countries. After 2010 a number of Universities have declined the fee structure. University of Basel, University of Fribourg, University of Bern, University of Lausanne and University of Geneva are known as the most prestigious institutes to study in Switzerland without ielts or free with scholarships.

Though apart from these institutions there are many, where foreign students come and study in Switzerland without IELTS for free. Most of the universities has the specialized courses in the fields in Engineering, Business Management, Hotel management, Films & Media, Arts & Design, Science & Technology, Computer & IT and Animation.

The students should contact universities directly and send the forced application along with their certification and qualification.

Study in Switzerland for free without IELTS 2020 Scholarships

UNIL Master’s Grants in Switzerland for Foreign Students for free study

It is an annual scholarship to study in Switzerland without ielts and it is offered for the post graduate degree only. University of Lausanne, is the host institute for the award. Applicants  must select a post graduate programme from courses offered by the UNIL, apart from  the, Master of Arts in Sciences, Master of Medicine, Master of Law and Practices of Education, from the Universities of Zurich and Lausanne.  The grant cannot be used for other courses such as EMBAs or Masters of Advanced studies. The number of scholarship is more or less 10 and it is available for all international students.

The grant value is monthly CHF 1600. The duration of the scholarship is September 15 to July 15. To be eligible for the grant the student should hold a degree from a foreign university.  The qualification should be equivalent to Bachelor’s degree in UNIL. Only good students with proven track record can be eligible for this.

Jim Ellert MBA Scholarship at IMD

Unlike the other scholarships this one is exclusively for the students pursuing the subject Master of Business Administration (MBA). It is an annual scholarship and the deadline for application is January 2020.  The award is designed to welcome students all over the world, especially from Central & Eastern Europe, Soviet republics, Africa, and the South-Eastern Asian Peninsula that includes Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia Vietnam, and Indonesia who are willing to go for MBA course. The host institute of the award is IMD, Switzerland.

The value of the scholarship is CHF 20000. The award is given to the people who have enrolled for the course and in strong financial need as well. Before applying for the course the student has to be enrolled in the class. During the application procedure, apart from the other procedure and exam, the students are given to write a 500 word essay about why does the student like to go for an MBA course from IMD.  Throughout an academic exultant is needed to go for a scholarship application to study in Switzerland without ielts for free 2020.

Study in Switzerland without ielts 2020 in universities in Switzerland

But still there are universities in Switzerland where students can apply for admission in study abroad programs without passing ielts. The other options might be given to the students that are much easier than passing the ielts.

study in switzerland without ielts

Study in Switzerland without ielts 2020 in Swiss Universities

Study in Switzerland without ielts for international students, available?

International students looking for some magnificent study abroad programs must apply to study in Switzerland in swiss universities so that they could find that professional career which is in the lucks of very few.

Apply for Study in Switzerland without ielts 2020

While you are going to apply to study in Switzerland without IELTS, this is the time that you go for some good study abroad consultants. You might have some local consultants as well as many online study abroad consultants that can help you in this regard.

What Study Abroad Free offers to Study in Switzerland?

Well, we are just in the process of establishing study abroad consultancy that would be soon available for the international students. Interested students can drop their contact details with their CVs and interested programs for study in Switzerland without IELTS 2020.

Top Universities in Switzerland for Study in Switzerland 2020

There are several top universities in Switzerland included in top universities in the world, making it a good choice for a prospective student to pursue his or her higher education. Let us take a look at the choices available for a student considering to study at one of the top universities in Switzerland.

The Ranking of top universities in Switzerland and Top universities in the world

The following Swiss universities are the top 10 universities in Switzerland

  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich: Ranks number 1 in the country and number 12 in the world according to Times University rankings.
  • Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne: 2nd in the country and 40th in the world according to Times University rankings.
  • University of Geneva: Ranks 3rd in the country but ranks 133rd in the world according to Times University rankings.
  • University of Zürich: Ranks 4th in the country and 89th in the world according to the Times University rankings.
  • University of Basel: 5th in the country and 142nd in the world according to Times University rankings.
  • University of Lausanne: Ranks 6th in the country and 130th in the world.
  • University of Bern: 7th in the country and 151st in the world.
  • University of Fribourg: Ranks 8th in the country
  • University of St Gallen: Ranks 9th in the country
  • University of Neuchâtel: Ranks 10th in the country

Top Universities in the World include top universities in Switzerland 2020

1)      Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH) Switzerland: It is a leading university in the world and deals in research. It offers bachelors, masters and Ph.D programs in natural sciences and engineering in its16 departments. The university is unique in that it has around 60% of its professors from abroad.

2)      Federal polytechnic school of Lausanne: Also known as the Ecole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne (EPFL) was founded in 1853. It is an institute which offers higher education to international students as well. It offers 19 masters programs; namely in engineering, civil engineering, computer and communication sciences, basic sciences, life sciences, environmental studies and architecture. It encourages research and offers bachelors as well as doctoral programs.

3)      University of Geneva:  Founded in 1559 it is the 2nd largest university in Switzerland. Famous for it’s academic and research programs in theology, international relations, astrophysics, astronomy, law, genetics, neurosciences and development physiology.

4)      University of Zürich: Is Switzerland’s largest university.  Offers over 100 degree programs in 7 faculties. It is an excellent research and teaching institution.

5)      The University of Basel (De Universitt Basel, Schweiz): Was founded in 1460 and is the oldest university in Switzerland. It is small but with a reputation of having an excellent teaching and research program. It has 7 faculties and focuses it’s research on science and cultural studies.

6)      University of Lausanne: Has 7 faculties which deals in Geosciences and Environment, Biology and Medicine and Law and Criminal Justice. Around 20% of students and more than 30% of the staff are from abroad.  University of Lausanne pursues an active collaboration at local and international levels. More than 30% of the teaching staff and more than 20% of the students come from abroad.

7)      University of Bern: Is located at the capital city of Bern.  It has 8 faculties and 160 institutes that offer a wide range of courses. It is a top university that deals with space science research.

8)      University of Fribourg: It boasts of having students from over 100 countries and deals with teaching and research degree courses.

9)      University of St. Gallen (HSG): Has disciplines in business, law, economics and social sciences. It is a high ranked business school in Switzerland.  It offers 5 bachelors programs and research is carried out in 30 institutions. It also offers double degree programs to the top students.

10)   University of Neuchâtel: Was established in 1838 as the “Acadmie de Neuchtel” and became a University in 1909. It comprises five faculties; namely, sciences, humanities, law, theology and economics which in turn spans around 30 different disciplines. The university offers 4 masters programs in English and others partially in English.

Top universities in Switzerland 2020 are world renowned. Some of the most famous people in history studied in these universities. The path to choose is entirely up to the student. However, wouldn’t it be great to trace the path of a famous person by study in Switzerland at a top university in Switzerland 2020?