Time to study in Switzerland for free with Swiss Scholarships. A number of highly prestigious educational institutions exist here, providing high quality education to a large percentage of graduates around the world. Switzerland is the country for which people dream to Study in Switzerland for free 2020!!!

As many other world’s renowned countries, Switzerland is highly famous for best financial institutes, deliberate cheeses, best public transport systems, manufacturing companies, for its exotic locations worldwide and one more thing; it’s famous chocolates! The capital city of Switzerland is Berne; where the other famous cities include Geneva, Lugano, Zurich, Lucerne and Basel.

As it has remained a dream of every student to study abroad free in a foreign country, especially when it is Switzerland, the curiosity reaches the pinnacles. But most of the time, students become totally unable to get maximum opportunities to study free somewhere. But the good news is; Switzerland now offers various fields of education where its prestigious institutes offer the free education for national and international students.

“Study in Switzerland for Free”– Why:

Switzerland is one of the diverse countries of the world for its educational system. The world’s educational and economical reports keep the country as overall first for best educational and practical systems in schools, colleges and universities. In total, 9 organizations are awarded the Nobel peace prize and in relation to Switzerland, 113 Nobel Prize winners stand. The educational history of Switzerland is a renaissance every year.

Switzerland has three levels set for education; Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Basically, the educational system is decentralized. The coordination of the primary and secondary system is supervised by the Ministers of Education, whereas the higher education is generally the responsibility of Cantonal-Federal. Over 500 professions are available to choose for furthering the university education. Hotel Management, administrative professions and Business and Medical are the most popular line of works.

Some of the best universities of Switzerland include; University of Basel, University of Bern, University of Fribourg, University of Geneva and University of Lausanne are considered the most prestigious institutes. Most of the universities offer the specialized fields in Business Management, Engineering, Hotel management, Arts & Design, Films & Media, Science & Technology, Animation, and Computer & IT.

Although by 2010, almost all the educational institutions declined the level of studying free, hence countries like Switzerland offers extremely low cost education. This is a great chance for foreign students to get quality education. These institutes also offer hundreds of programs and specialized fields for professional studies.

Just contact the University of your Choice and even fill out an online application, as most universities prefer. Attach your certificates and awarded educational portfolios with official transcripts and submit it within the time period. After this, the entrance test needs to be given for further assessments.

Study in Switzerland for Free 2020

As the admission process gets complete the student has to attempt for Visa to further the prerequisites for Study Abroad Free in Switzerland. It needs some highly necessary transcripts for apply for an EU country. After submitting the transcripts, the data and the case is studied and some final decisions are made in a certain period of time.

The whole process takes time and eventually the country embassy needs the presence of the applicant in various moments. Hence, be confident and get the quality results to Study in Switzerland for Free 2020 without IELTS in the best universities in Switzerland.

Study abroad In Switzerland in English is available with some specific universities in Switzerland. What makes Switzerland appealing to you? Is it the fine chocolates and cheese? Is it the history surrounding it? Is it the marvelous landscape? Is it the industries? Or is it all of this in combination? Are you considering studying in Switzerland because you just want to be there? Are you wondering: What are the benefits of studying abroad in Switzerland? Let us take a look into what Switzerland has to offer students first and then decide.

What are the Benefits of Study Abroad in Switzerland for free without ielts?

You will be interested to know that foreign students make up a large percentage of the student population. The high quality of education is relatively accessible and a large percentage of the student population are foreign students. 4 of them are in the top 30 by means of foreign students. So you will not be the only one, you will be able to mingle and fit in very easily.

7 of the Swiss universities are in the top 150 universities in the world. This says a great deal of the quality of education Switzerland provides. Classes consist of lectures which are followed by seminars. The amount of students that come in contact with an individual professor is low, around 10 students to 01 professor. This ensures sufficient contact time between students themselves and between students and professor, allowing quality discussions to take place. Case studies with audio-visual projections are also a mode of delivering knowledge. Swiss universities boast of excellent library facilities. Many internationally acclaimed academics are drawn to Switzerland because of the comfortable life style and high wages. This ensures that you will be taught by the best.

Higher education is largely public funded and hence tuition fees are quite low. However, the fees for most universities in switzerland vary depending on the university. Most universities offer scholarships and loans and thus you will be able to meet the fees structure required for your course. The government also provides scholarships for foreign postgraduates through the Federal Commission for International Students. Special scholarship program for postgraduate students from central and eastern European countries is also available.

Local businesses are linked to courses. These are basically in machine tool and precision engineering, banking, chemical and pharmaceutical engineering, hotel and tourist educational departments. This will allow you to come in contact with industrial processes while still in university study abroad in Switzerland.

Benefits of study abroad in Switzerland for free in English

You will come in contact with a very diverse student population which will help you revolutionize your thinking. You will be able to understand the differences of cultures and global politics.

The country in itself is attractive. What better way to listen to a lecture, than sitting in a room with a picturesque backdrop? Most universities surround the Alps, giving a great view. Being a small country, it is easy to explore, so you will be able to travel the great Swiss outdoors.

The top Swiss universities themselves offer various sports and other activities that you could be a part of, such as tennis. Skiing and snowboarding would also be great to enjoy and learn. It is a good way to meet people and make friends.

Discounted exhibitions, theaters, museums and art galleries are other benefits students are entitled to. The amount required per week for these recreational events is marginal.

These are some of the benefits of study abroad in Switzerland. So why wait? Grab the opportunity to study in a country with an excellent education system, picture perfect location and diverse culture rolled into one. It is not everywhere in the world that opportunities exist as Benefits of Study Abroad in Switzerland.

Are you from Bangladesh? Are you interested in Study in Switzerland for international Students 2020? Are an international student who is resident in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, etc and looking to further his or her studies in Switzerland? There are many cases that you need to go to Switzerland for pursuing your Study abroad programs 2020. While applying for your study abroad, you don’t need to worry about the language problems as there are many universities in Switzerland where you can study in Switzerland in English 2020. This is how it is getting more and more facilitated for the students to grab the top notch and world class international diplomas as well as degrees.

So, if you really want Study in Switzerland for international Students 2020, you don’t need to worry at all. The process is quite simple and you may get help from different online sources for your studies abroad. Another thing that might be of interest for the Bengali students is that they are also at the option of study in Switzerland for free. This is a life time opportunity for them. Like many other European countries there are offered Study in Switzerland for free scholarships for the students abroad.

Study in Switzerland for free for international Students 2020

Although, you can opt for some study abroad consultants and pay a good amount of study abroad fee but you should better opt for applying directly to study in Switzerland for free without IELTS in Swiss universities or Swiss colleges. They have online websites through which you can apply for your study abroad programs. After you submit all of your documents required by those universities or colleges in Switzerland, you would be provided with an admission letter that is your ticket to getting Study in Switzerland for for free for international Students 2020.

study in switzerland without IELTS
Study in Switzerland for free 2020 without IELTS


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Study in Switzerland for free for international Students 2020



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    I have recently submitted my thesis. I have done different studies like antioxidant, phytochemical studies, antimicrobial, antifungal, cytotoxicty, HPLC analysis. I also checked the protective effects of plant extracts on paracetamol, gentamycin and doxorubicin induced toxicity in different organs of rats by evaluating different marker enzyme levels (CAT, POD, SOD, TBARS, ALP, AST, ALP, CKMB, CK, GST, GR, GPx etc) plus their effect on histoarchitecture. Then I went to UBC where under the supervision of Professor Raymond Anderson. I isolated 4 bioactive compounds from these plants. I also worked on another project and isolated 5 novel compounds (alkamides) from marine sponge.
    Now I want to enhance my skills in isolation, signalling and mechanistic studies of natural products and further goes down in toxicology.
    Can you please suggest me some postgraduate scholarship. Thaanks

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    Receive God’s blessing for your help.

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