Study in Korea for Free without IELTS

Do you want to study in Korea for free 2020 in top Korean universities without ielts? You certainly need to search out the study abroad scholarships for Korea so that tou may study in Korea for free. South Korea is among the most developed and rapidly growing economies. It has a great rise in immigration rate. The language used to be a problem but it is no more an issue for the immigrants. It has so many beautiful places to see.

On eastern side it has Japan and China in the west. As per Koreans, education is the most valuable asset for their fastest growing economy, so they have given it a high consideration and improving education sector as much as they can. Korea is considered among the top 25th educational destinations. There are 9 Korean universities in the top 50 universities around the world. More and more students prefer to study in Korea for free as they also have options to teach English in Korea.

Why Study in Korea for free

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology takes care of all higher educational institutes. Almost 80% of higher education institutes are private. Korea is concentrating to build world’s best research institute with respect to educational development and policies. Korean Institutes offers study abroad scholarships which are very helpful for the students who cannot meet their expenses easily.

It offers many study abroad programs other than graduation and master degrees, like hotel management, language, literature, cultural anthropology, traditional arts etc.  Many Korean universities are planning to open new campuses to accommodate the new coming students, as more and more students around the world are showing their interest in Korean universities. Almost 370 higher education institutes are available all over the Korea. 5 of the US universities are also going to open their campuses in Korea. Generally March is the starting month for an academic year but for many universities, students can apply in September too.

Admission, visa and scholarships to study in Korea for free 2020:

As per any university of the world, foreign applicants will have to provide their educational details, a recommendation latter, copies of passport and any other IDs and proof that you have sufficient funds. The visa can be applied through the nearest embassy. You have to provide your acceptance latter from the Korean university as well to get the visa.

To attract more and more foreign students, the Korean government offers scholarships, which other than your tuition expenses may cover your air fares to come to Korea for study and even can cover your living expenses too. Scholarships are also available by many Korean universities as well, which can cover all of your tuition expenses.

Student’s Life while study abroad in Korea for free:

South Koreans can be considered a nation on rise. Seoul is the capital city of South Korea. It is included in the leading economic hubs of the world. Stretching up to ten blocks, consisting 26 shopping malls is the Dongdaemun Market, a nice place to visit. If you are an admirer of beauty, you should visit N Seoul Tower. The tower is 479 meters above the sea level. It provides you marvelous views across the city. And, if you are interested in culture, than you can visit four UNESCO World Heritage sites. Gyeongju is an ancient city of Korea and also known as “museum without walls”. It has well-preserved Korean history. It is the former capital of Silla(The Ancient Kingdom). Korea has to offer many joys and a lot of places to visit. Overall to study in Korea for free 2020 can be joyful too.

study in korea for free

study in korea for free 2020 without ielts