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Study in Italy for free 2020 | Study in Italy without IELTS

Study in Italy for free 2020 in the top universities and colleges in Italy offering education with Italian scholarships. Historically Italy holds a strong position in terms of drawing students. This European country is always known for its enriched educational sector. As many as 27 universities in Italy are at with the international standard. However, as many as 90 Universities are very popular among the students.

Study in Italy for Free 2020 with Italian Scholarships

All these universities welcome foreign students all over the world. The government of Italy offers many scholarships for native and foreign students. A foreign student should contact the Italian embassy if he is willing to get scholarship from Italian University. The students have to return back the form to the Italian embassy only.

Invest your talent in Italy

Italian ministry of foreign affairs conduct the scholarship called ‘Invest your talent in Italy’ a range of English language program are conducted. The courses are designed in a special way to cater the demand of the business and economic world of Italy. It is being offered to the foreign students from Brazil, India, Turkey, Colombia and South Africa. Here the first two levels are theoretical course and the nest tow levels are on job training in an Italian company. A student with three or four years bachelor’s degree is eligible for it. However the student has to meet the criteria set by the institution.

University of Bologna Study Grants for International Students

This grant is given on a cyclical basis for graduation and post graduation students. 30 grants are given. Out of which 5 are given in first cycle and remaining 25 are given in second cycle. The value of the award is €11,059. First of all the student has to be selected by the academic institutions for the course. They have not already received competing grants and are not already enrolled any competing university. The students need to appear in SAT and GRE exams for studying abroad.

Italian government scholarship for foreign students

This award is given to the students with the research topics relate to the public education and research system in Italy. The award is available both for degree course and advanced vocational training. Subjects like music and art are also included here.

UNIPV International Scholarships for Developing Countries

This is a master’s degree level scholarship. It is given for selected subjects such as Electronics Engineering computer, engineering, Masters in international business and Economics, Molecular biology and genetics, world politics and international relations and international master program in cooperation and development. It is given at University of Pavia. Students from developing country are only welcome. This is because the student has to be from middle income or lower income group as per mentioned by the World Bank. The objective behind it is to promote international cooperation with the other countries of the world, especially with the developing country. The scholarship should be financed by FC & K. The value of the scholarship is € 8 per month. The student has to be born after 1978 and can apply online for the award.

Study in Italy for free without IELTS 2020 is possible for EU students. In official words, the Italian Republic is situated in Southern Europe having number of islands and the largest ones are Sicily and Sardinia. The total area of Italy is 301,230 square kilometer which 7,210 square kilometer based in water. More than five percent part of the country covered by the parks that helping to retain the favorable environment.

The country is also rich in different energy sources as it was sixth largest holder of wind power energy and fourth biggest holder of installed solar energy in 2010. The republican history of the country started after the referendum in June 1946 when women also allowed for voting. Now, the Rome is capital of Italy and bicameral system of legislation is working in the country. The official language of the country is Italian, the currency is prevailing in shape of Euro and calling code of the country is 39. Friendly environment and industrial growth of Italy inspire the students to search for study abroad free in Italy.

Study in Italy for free 2020 in Top Universities in Italy

The scholarships and other grants for study abroad for free 2020 are allowed in Italy. Furthermore, the study programs in respect of foreign languages are also arranged and offered for the students. You must contact the embassy if you have decided to study abroad free in Italy.

Why to study in Italy for free without ielts in 2020?

As there are many countries allowing free study opportunities for foreign students then why should study in Italy. There is list of benefits as:

  • You can easily understand the Italian history and can visit many historical places.
  • You can get short term job along with the study.
  • You can get living apartment in big and famous city.
  • Enrolling in internship programs for career growth and bright future is also easy in Italy.
  • You can easily learn the Italian language and culture.

Student Visa to study in Italy for free 2020

The students have an open option in respect of age and skills to join the study abroad program in Italy. The environment regarding the selected study program is also provided to the students to get unforgettable experience and strong grip over the theoretical knowledge.

Study in Italy for free- Central Education Board:

The commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange between Ital and US is organizing the study abroad free in Italy for American undergraduates. You can contact it as:

Phone: +39(0)6-48-88-211

Address: Castelfidardo 8, 00185 Rome, Italy

Fax: +39(0)6-48-15-680


study in italy for free

Study in Italy for free without ielts

study in Italy for free programs

The institutes of Italy are providing education facilities in the entire world recognized disciplines like business administration and management, history and humanities. The fashion designing of Italy in respect of jewelry and apparels has worldwide recognition and students can avail short courses as well as long courses for fashion designing.

Best Study Abroad In Italy Institutes:

Students can ensure secure future while studying abroad in Italy as there are many institutes having good fame all over the world. The list of some institutes is as under:

  • International School for Advanced Studies
  • Perugia University
  • Politecnico di Torino
  • Univesita di Cagliari
  • University of Catania
study in Italy for free Institutes of Italy- A brief introduction:

The introduction starts from the international school of advanced studies that is providing study opportunities for PhD, post-graduates and under-graduates programs. This institute is especially known in respect of physics and mathematics. If you are interested in the field of medicines, the Perugia University would be best option for you while considering the opportunities for study abroad free in Italy. The Politecnico di Torino is providing best facilities for short term and long term technical courses.

How to Apply for Visa for study in Italy for free

The study visa can be got easily after getting the admission in any university under scholarship program. You have to present the admission certificate along with your other certificates while submitting the application for visa. Furthermore, your recent medical certificate for fitness and financial report for security is also compulsory while applying for student visa.

study in Italy for free programs and requirements

First of all you have to fill the inquiry form for what you are going to Italy. You have to ensure your previous certificates if you are going for higher studies. Actually different institutes have different criteria on the basis of discipline you have selected for study to accommodate a candidate. You may have to pass an exam to avail the opportunity of “study abroad free in Italy”.

Free study in italy: Study abroad for free programs in italy:

If you have got scholarship for study abroad free in Italy, you can meet you expenses easily as the accommodation, tuition fee and other study charges are refunded by the institute. All the expenses depend upon the scholarship program; the guidelines in respect of living and other study related expenses are also described. Further guidelines can be got from the official website of concerned institution or from your embassy in Italy.

How we can Help You Study in Italy for free:

Sometimes candidates become confuse even after getting the admission easily that how to move further for visa application and other procedures. Here we are providing guidelines for you to ease all the procedures. If you have opportunity and interested in to get opportunity to study in Italy for free without IELTS in 2020 in some of the top universities in Italy without IELTS, then never hesitate while getting these facilities as we are providing detailed guidelines in this regard.