Study in Iceland for free for international students is possible now. A country with sparse population, with tales of myths and legends of Vikings, a landscape filled with natural hot springs and mouthwatering cuisines; it will make a delightful adventure for a student. Does Iceland accept students from abroad?

Can such a student study in Iceland for free? Iceland does accept students from abroad and there are 7 major universities to choose from, out of which, 4 are public or state run universities and 3 are private universities.

Can you Study in Iceland for free at Public Universities?

If you are thinking of studying in a public university in Iceland, yes your tuition fees will be free. However, there is a compulsory registration fee to be paid, which is non-refundable. This ranges from 100 EUR (Euros) to 250 EUR (Euros). Taking The University of Iceland which is a public university for example; charges a reduced registration fee from students who enroll mid January, who are handicapped or who are invalid. For foreign students who want to study Icelandic literature, language and History at the University of Iceland, the Ministry of Education and Science awards a number of scholarships.

Can you Study in Iceland for free in Private Institutions?

If you are considering studying at a private institution, you will find that you have to pay both tuition and registration fees. So the answer is “no” you can’t study for free. The fees structure varies depending on the institution and study program you choose. Students from the European Union (EU) pay lower tuition fees compared to students from non-EU students. EU students usually pay a tuition fee ranging from 30 EUR to 60 EUR, where as non-EU students pay a tuition fee ranging from 100EUR to 150EUR.

However, there are grants and scholarships available at these private institutions. The nature and amounts paid by these grants and scholarships depend entirely on the institution. Visiting the websites of these institutions will prove useful in determining the structures of scholarships and grants.

If you can’t Study in Iceland for free is there any financial support available?

The answer is “yes”. The Icelandic Student Loan Fund provides financial support to those students who really need it. The student has to begin repaying this money two years after commencing the study program. Students from European Union (EU) or from European Economic Area (EEA)-European Free Trade Area (EFTA) are also eligible to apply for loans if they have been working in their trade country for one year at least. Some institutions have ties with banks, organizations and companies to enable students to obtain bank loans or find paid work during studies. The student card issued to all students allow them to travel all over Europe, have cheap telephone bills and enter tourist destinations for a very low price.

The following websites:

together with websites of individual institutions can be useful in finding out about studying in Iceland. Well, if you are considering to study in Iceland for free, try the public universities or apply for a scholarship and if not, consider the private ones. Whichever the way it should be fun in this magical land of Iceland to study in Iceland for Free.

Study in Iceland for free
Study in Iceland for free without IELTS

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    I am Diwakar tiwari from india and i am doing BA here but i want to do free studies in iceland because i belong to poor family i cant afford fee of college so please tell me about any scholorship
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    I will like to study in iceland… Please how can I apply…your quick response would be appreciated thanks and best regards

  10. Dear sir/ma

    I will like to study in iceland… Please how can I apply…your quick response would be appreciated thanks and best regards

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    I have the degrees of Bachelor of Linguistics and Master of Philology. I would like to study modern and old Icelandic in Iceland. I am 30. I would be much obliged if you informed on whether there are any possibilities. Thank you!


  12. I will like to study masters in administration or strategic management or masters in finance for free is it possible i am in lagos Nigeria.

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