Want to Study in Holland for free without ielts 2020 for international students from European countries as well as there are some international scholarships for other countries from Asia and Africa? This is the country where Nobel Laureates were born, in fields of medicine, chemistry, economics and physics. It is the first country also to offer study programs in English in the European continent.  There are 12 Dutch universities that made the top 200 of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings in 2012. The country boasts of a reputation for high quality higher education. Despite all this can you study in Holland for free 2020?

Scholarships to study in Netherlands for free without IELTS 2020

Students from the European Union will pay a fee of around 1700EUR annually depending on the institution and those outside the EU will be paying a higher fee. For a Bachelor’s program the fee is between 6000EUR and 12000EUR, a Master’s program will cost between 8000EUR and 20000EUR. The age of the student also plays a part in deciding the fee. If you are younger than 30 the fee is less. So the study is not “free”.

There is a possibility of paying the fees in installments which makes it easy for a student to some extent. Then there is the scholarship and grant schemes as well as exchange program that can help students to study in part or absolutely “free” in Holland.

Study in Holland for Free without IELTS
Study in Holland for Free without IELTS

Scholarships and grants that enable to study in Holland for free 2020

The following are scholarships and grants by Nuffic

–          China Program: For students from China

–          Erasmus: For students from the European Union

–          Erasmus Mundus: For non-EU students

–          MENA Scholarship Program: For professionals

–          Netherland Fellowship Programs: For students of 62 countries

–          Orange Tulip Scholarship Program: For students from China, Korea, Mexico and Taiwan

–          Science Without Borders Holland Program: For Brazilian students

–          StuNed Scholarships: For professionals from Indonesia for Master’s study

Citizens of the EU are entitled for some grants. The website www.ib-groep.nl/studiepunt/  will provide more details.

The following websites

are useful.

Want to study in a country which has some top brand names? Want to follow the footsteps of some pioneers in research and other areas? Go ahead and try applying for a scholarship. You will be able to study in Holland for free without ielts 2020 and never regret the experience.

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  1. Hi i abdul hameed 26year old i complete my b.com so i wan to do. Mab can i apply for freestudy opinions in Eu but i don’t have ilts

  2. Hello dear

    I’m kenbon from Ethiopia.I don’t have IELTS or Toefl certificate.currently I’m second year civil engineering student.I wonna study my bachelor degree independently in Netherlands.can I study without out the certificate.if I possible please inform me the university link.thanks


  3. Dear sir,
    I would like to study ms in electronic & electrical in netherland. Could you explain me about cost and part time job opportunities while study. Thank you

  4. Dear sir,
    I would like to study BBM in netherland. Could you explain me about cost and part time job opportunities while study. Thank you

  5. hi,i m Saqib 26 years old,done Bsc and my master result is awaited,i dont have ilets can i apply for free study option in EU?????

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