Study in Greece for Free with Study Abroad Scholarships

study in greeceWho wants to Study in Greece for Free? Greece is a beautiful country with a rich history and stories of myth and legends. It is bordered by 03 continents, Asia, Africa and Europe. There are plenty of ruins to look at for those who love archeology and enough beauty of land and sea for those who love travelling and sightseeing.

There are 17 universities and more than 30 technological institutes in Greece which are also situated in the islands.

Can You Really Study in Greece for Free?

Tuition fees to study in Greece are free. However specific courses such as MBAs have to be paid for. Depending on the student’s family’s circumstance, and institution, meals and housing may be provided. Beside these, medication is free and transport is subsidized. But as a foreign student you might be expected to pay a fixed fee, decided by the state to cover a part of the expenses of the study program. There are many scholarships also available in order to pay for the courses that you may have to pay for.

The Study abroad Scholarships Available to Study in Greece for Free

Many European grants and scholarships are available for students to cover their expenses

  • Marie Curie Research Fellowships: Available to students all over the world to undertake scientific and technological research.
  • Erasmus Mundus Program: Available to students around the world to study in European universities.
  • EU-Canada: For undergraduate and graduate level studies between European Union (EU) and Canadian Institutions.
  • EU-Japan: For Masters programs between EU and Japanese universities.
  • EU-Korea: For the mobility of students and staff between EU and Korean universities.
  • EU-New Zealand: For mobility of student of Maters levels between EU and New Zealand universities.
  • EU-US (Atlantis): For mobility of students between EU and American institutions at advanced undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Further information on scholarships that are available the following sites should be visited;

Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation

So is Greece for you to take up your higher studies? Do you think that studying in this ancient land will give you an overwhelming experience?  Moreover do you want to study in Greece for free? Then don’t waste any more time. Try and find a course that you will have nothing to pay or if you do, try your luck with a scholarship. You are bound to enjoy your life and Study in Greece for Free.

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