Do you want to Study in Europe for Free without IELTS 2020? Here we have a guide to study in Europe for free for you. Studying abroad is an expansion of your college education and study abroad in Europe is one of the best options. And if it is free of cost it sounds like wow… it’s a great deal to get educated abroad. Studying in countries like Spain, England, Germany, and France etc. will enrich your education experiences and your skills a lot.

Here you will have global aspirations which will give you strong ethics towards your business and jobs. So it’s a better choice to study abroad for your higher education.There are a lot of free education systems available in this industry, which will cost you nothing for your whole education, in such countries like Australia, Germany, UK, etc.

Study in Europe for free in Top Universities in Europe without IELTS 2020

Europe, a continent having such beautiful places attracts with their natural beauty. Far longer from this beauty for beauty lover this continent is also having a vast education system for education lovers, a system with full of technologies medium, experts teaching, a good and up-to-date improved education system and the one which is there “FREE EDUCATION SYSTEM”  and study in Europe for free 2020 attracts a lot of foreign students. Here you can get subjects like Management, Arts, Administration, Finance, etc.

Studies in European countries for free like.

Colleges and universities in Europe like Universitat Freiburg (Germany), University of Provence (France), and Paul Cezanne University (France) are such international institutions providing free education in Europe for foreign students, because these education institutions want to improve education in the whole world and for the student of different countries who are willing to get improved and the best education. You can search online for these institutions and for their free education system. You can apply in these institutions by booking your seats via internet or through worldwide consultancies. For a high level of education you should check out these free education system for getting such opportunities which will cost you nothing.

Study in Europe for Free- How to Study Abroad Free 2020

Study in Europe for Free Guide for all European countries

If you’re trying for a semester education system, highlights will be:

So pack your bags and say bye to your family and friends for studying in Europe, which will bring a smile on their faces, and for that education which make them to be proud of you. As study abroad is a great experience with fun will enrich your knowledge and skills which help you to make a better future than best.

ALL THE BEST for study in Europe for Free without IELTS in 2020!!!

Study in Europe for free without IELTS 2020 is possible in some European countries. Europe is a popular study destination for international students. Why? Europe is rich in natural beauty, with magnificent mountains and landscapes, a rich history, ancient buildings, art and music. Also Europe is home to many top branded industries, where students can get hands on experience and training.

Those who love traveling can do so quite comfortably because the countries are located close together and students can let their hair down and have some real fun every now and then. The living standards are high; Europe is multicultural and has many ways of making students feel at home. Thinking of studying in Europe? Thinking to study in Europe for free? Let’s explore this possibility.

Study abroad scholarships to Study in Europe for free 2020

The majority of the countries charge tuition fees for students. So studying is not free I am afraid. The fees depend on the institutions and the course you want to study. However there are scholarship programs that can be used; some that award substantial amounts to pay your tuition fees and all other living and travel expenses if a full scholarship, meaning that you will indeed be studying for free and some awarding half scholarships, where your living expenses are covered.

Then there are the minorities that waive off tuition fees for all international students. Indeed you will not have to bother about tuition fees, but there are other expenses such as administration fees that will be charged and you will have to find funds to pay for living and traveling.


Countries waiving off tuition fees for Study in Europe for free 2020

Students who can prove that they will pursue studies or practical training in transnational EU, state or university mobility programs, are also exempted from paying tuition fees.

Study in Europe for free: Countries where you have to pay

Immaterial of being a student from EU/EEA and Switzerland or any other country, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and UK charge fees. Switzerland charges fees from students of all countries as well. However, the fee students from EU/EEA and Switzerland will be paying a less fee compared with the rest of the world. Visiting websites which give scholarships and funding options and visiting individual university websites having scholarship schemes will enable you to study for free.

To know if you can study in Europe for free without ielts 2020 takes a lot of research and time. When you have found the study program that will allow you to do so, you will be studying in the world’s best universities for free. The website will give you more information.

Check out following countries in Europe to Study Abroad Free:

Study in Europe for free without IELTS
Study in Europe for free without IELTS



study in Europe without IELTS
Study in Europe for Free without IELTS 2020


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  1. Hi sir i want study in Belgium and improve our skills and knowledge. Kindly guide me about fully scholarship. i have four years experience as assistant in pharmaceutical company.

  2. hello sir,
    i am by birth totally blind working at nepal post as an assistant officer.
    would like to study in norway or other european country through under graduate program on public administration.
    i have no ILTS so fill free to advice me, how can i get admision and scholarship

  3. Assalamu Alaikum I want to study in Switzerland for a MBA degree without IELTS next February 2017 session and I completed masters in management in 1996. Please advice me in my email ID how can I proceed . Thanks. My Email:

  4. Hi
    Myself krashna from Maharashtra India. I am Bsc Nursing passed. I want to Admission for Master of Public health Jan intake 2019.Can I get scholarship?

  5. Hi sir .I have Msc in population and Reproductive Health I want to study in Swiden. For PHD. Do you admission for me

  6. Hi sir .I have Msc in population and Reproductive Health I want to study in Belguime. For PHD. Do you admission for me

  7. i’m looking for pg diploma in health management in netherland without ielts. can l get admission there ? can i bring my husband along with student visa?

  8. I want to study Geographical Information System any country without asking ilets test and Tofel and not asking grade point.pls help

  9. sir ,im rasel amran from Bangladesh .. I’ve completed post graduation in management ,I want to go finland for mba course without ielts … …,how can I get confirmation about admission…..plz soon as possible infrom me ….thanks

  10. My qualification is BA B.Ed. I want admission in any university/college of Ireland to obtain the master degree in English litrature or in Education with out IELTS. Please guide and help me. your co operation in this regard will highly be appreciated.

  11. I am a teacher from Ghana with a Bachelor Degree in Basic Education and I want to study masters in higher education or educational psychology in Denmark. I have taken the IELTS exams also. Please help me get a school in Denmark. Thank you.

  12. Dear, sir i have done it diploma of associate Engineer in mechanical…
    Now am interested to study bachelor degree in hotel mangement in europe. Can i study in europe without ielts?
    If yes, what are requirements? Plz suggst me?Thankyou

  13. DEAR, sir I Want too study in belgium i have done diplloma of associate eng. in mechanical.. now am interested to study bachelor degree in hotel mangement in europe. Can i study in europe without ielts?
    If yes, what are requirements? Plz suggst me? i wanna make our future bright kindly plz suggest?

  14. Sir kindly give me admission i can make my future bright iam very talented student in matrix

  15. I’d like to study in Germany for free without ielts i want to apply fir master in agricultural engineering can i?? Thanks

  16. Hlo I am Mr zee my wife want to study in Sweden and German please help us and give him a chanc

    1. Hi. Did you get any response from them?
      I am also looking for some scholarships.


    2. Sir I want to confirme admission in any university of Europe for free education in BBA field I have a FSC degree with 68% from Pakistan so please answer or guide me about every things coming in the university for Pakistani students

  17. I am ravi kumar from india.Hello,
    I have finished my diploma mechanical engg in 2011 with 58%marks.. and now am interested to study bachelor degree in hotel mangement in europe. Can i study in europe without ielts?
    If yes, what are requirements? Plz suggst me?

  18. i want to study without ielts and i do work as computer opp and spare part manager in royal enfield last 5 year and i have complete my study in 2013

  19. Hi, i want to study in poland or hungary in a good institute and i will be thankful to you if you can guide me about the whole procedure and any kind of tution (not free of cost ofcourse).. contact me i will be waiting

    1. hallo have u already gone in poland? i m also wanna go there.if u know details about poland then i take some suggesions from u. pls help me if u know anything

  20. Dear sir i am Muhammad ayaz from pakistan, i want to study abroad in europe universities and to get a high quality of education and make my future bright and further support my family, sir kindly reply me about study and visa procedure it will be highly appreciated, thanks sir.

  21. sir i have completed my 14 yeras education now i wanna study in abroad without ilets……… is it possible?

  22. i want to get admission for ph.d in language studies, plz inform me how i can ? in norway, denmark, germany

  23. Hi vineet here i want to go European country for study PG Hotel management so i can apply without ielts

  24. I want to study software engineering (undergraduate) in Europe for free without ielts please guide me

  25. I want to study software engineering (undergraduate) in Europe for free without ielts please guide me.

  26. i got overall 5bends in ielts…i want to do MBA from Denmark or any English country…please help me…
    or plz suggest me which country is best for me without ielts exam..

  27. I am amnandeep kaur from india.Hello,
    I have finished my BCA in 2014 with 70%marks.. and now am interested to study masters in information technology in Sweden. Can i study in sweden without ielts?
    If yes, what are requirements? Plz suggst me?

  28. Hello sir, i am from Pakistan.
    I have done my inter-mediate and now i am doing my bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) and i am now in 1st semester.
    I want to get admission for free in German Universities. Can you guide me how to get admission, I will be highly obliged to you for this kindness. THANK YOU.

  29. please am from night and I really want to study in France but I don’t have enough money please can I get scholarships without ielts

  30. Hi,
    M form Nepal and I am married student. I want to study in Europe, can I apply for a dependent visa? Will you suggest me the countries and universities for bachelor degree which are suitable for me?

  31. Good day, I desire to study in Denmark or any other country in Europe with affordable school fee. Care for information about it. Thank you

  32. I have completed my B. A (Hons) in Apparel Manufacturing Management & Technology on May 2017 from Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Currently I am working in a garments factory and it is my educational subject related job. As I have both educational and practical experience in Textiles industries, this course is very essential for me to build my career more strongly.

    I have IELTS score 5 which is equivalent to B1. If this is score is not enough then I am happy to do language course in your institute as well.

    I am interested in your institute to study on Textile and Clothing. Although I have completed B. A (Hons) in Apparel Manufacturing Management & Technology, I am interested to study again on B.Sc. in Textile and Clothing Management.

    Please see the attached certificates and my personal statement along with this email.

    Kind regards,

    Atiqur Rahman

  33. Sir, I am 2015 pass out in engineering Graduation in Civil Engineering. I want to study in Germany without ilets plss help me….

  34. my name is ajay singh . I am from india.i have pass my diploma in civil engg. 2014 after that I am study in bacholour in civil engg. in portugal . so sir you suggest me best. without ilets pls

  35. my name is ajay singh . I am from india.i have pass my diploma in civil engg. 2014 after that I am study in bacholour in civil engg. in portugal . so sir you sugest me best. without ilets pls

  36. Hello,good morning ………… I am Shawon from Bangladesh,I completed my bachelor from Textile Engineering in 2014 and my CGPA was not so good , I got 2.71 in my bachelor …………So,my question is,am I eligible for any European country to continue my Masters or MBA ?

  37. I want to Study in Newzealand for free without Ielts for Bachelor’s Degree
    How i can get confirm Admission please give me whole detail about it
    our kind reply is highly appreciated…!!!

  38. hello sir i have got masters and want to further study in Denmark, would you give me the possible way for further study?

  39. I am from Pakitsan. I was complete BBA from Govt University with 3.56 CGPA i Want study in your country without IELTS. For MBA program.and also
    i want to study in canada without ielts for master degree, how i can get confirm admission?

  40. I am from Bangladesh. I was complete BBA on English medium. can i study in your country without IELTS. For MBA program.

  41. I wanna apply for Poland student visa in Tourism but i have passed 10+2 in math and English from education faculty and I am in Bachelor third year now.Can I apply for it? If I can then how?plz suggest.

  42. I m usama nd I want to study in Europe electronics engineering so plz tell me about the procedure for apply free in universities

  43. Hello .i want to study in europe without ilets how can i take free admission..i want to take admission in mba .waiting for reply….

  44. Hi sir/madam..
    i am Wajahat from pakistan.. i want to free study in sweden without ielts.. will you plZ tell me what is the procedure to apply and plz give me some free universities websites… I am very thankful to you for that..

  45. Hello everyone, i’m looking to study abroad n i have done my B.Com IT in 2009 and completed my 14 years education. Kindly let me know which countries provide free education in Europe and in which courses. Kindly update me so that i can think about it deeply. Thanks!!!

  46. I want to study in any europein country. I’ve a degree in Business Administration. How can i apply and where witour IELTS.

  47. Hello, I have just finished bachelor in ecology in NaUKMA. I am Ukrainian, and I really need to go for mater degree abroad, but I have no financial aid at all… I know English and also I have studied German ( level a2- b1) . I thought of going for master to Germany , Freiburg, but I don’t know how to make it happen.. Can you help me, please, I really need your advise..

  48. I want to study in canada free without ielts for MBA, how i can get confirm admission?

  49. Hwo are you sir .Im Abdullah I have passed in class 10. I want to study in Italy for class Ist eyar .free Engenairing .its my phone number

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