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Study in Canada Visa 2020 and Scholarships

Do you want to apply for study in Canada visa 2020 for study abroad programs? There are lots of things that you need to know because the Canadian Government has brought into power some changed rules and regulations. Whether you are looking to apply for a short course or a Graduate program for study in Canada, you should better beware of the changes in the international student visa program.

Study in Canada Visa 2020/Permit Rules and Regulations

Right from the intakes of January 2014, the Citizenship & Immigration Canada has promulgated new changes in their policies for the new enrollments for study in Canada visa 2020. Although most of the students are concerned with the new changes but the main thing that lies within the changes in these regulations stays positive rather than being negative. In fact, the students have been facilitated by adding new changes in the study in Canada Visa 2020 rules and regulations.  Let us take a look at the salient features of the International Student Program for Study in Canada 2020 after it is implemented.

Study in Canada without ielts

Study in Canada visa 2020 and Scholarships

  • Attending the Classes: For most of the students, going to Canada is a big time thing and they are looking to build their futures by working more than allowed. This is what has been downgraded through new changes. As per new regulations proposed, a student is required to attend the college enrolled for study in Canada 2020. Failing to appear in the classes and falling short of the required attendance, the legal status of the student in Canada is prone to getting illegal.
  • Regular Reporting by the Institutes:  All of the institutes that have enrolled international students for studying in Canada 2014 would be bound to report to the Canadian Government about the regularities of the international students.
  • Selective Institutes: This is worth mentioning and noticing that not all of the Canadian Colleges and Universities are entitled to enroll the international students for study in Canada visa 2020 Programs. Rather there would be selective colleges and universities in Canada that can do that. So, while getting enrolled, you need to check with the CIC website whether the concerned institute is authorized or not with the CIC. This is going to benefit the students because this way they would be able to avoid the fake ones. There are many private institutes that are going to be unapproved for receiving the Study in Canada 2020 Visa holding students.
  • Post Study Work Permit for Study in Canada 2020: Not all of the international students would be entitled to opt for the PSWP as the Canadian Government is going to approve only selective colleges and universities whose students would be eligible for PSWP after studying in an approved Canadian college or university. In addition to that, the short course students won’t be eligible for PSWP. Only those students would be able to opt for PSWP who would have pursued regular classes not less than 8 months resulting into a certificate, diploma or a course. The students looking to attend short courses or preparatory programs are not entitled to avail of PSWP option.
  • Off-Campus and On-Campus Work: For an international student applying for study in Canada 2014 program from January 2014 intake for a course more than 8 months long, there won’t be any need for waiting for 6 months more after landing Canada. They would be eligible for off-campus work right from the day getting registered with an approved college or a university in Canada. Although you may have heard many other things that might sound horrific to you but don’t take it as most of them are rumors. The changes are still into the books and need final announcements yet.

There is a misconception that you have to get the job within 4 months of completion of your studies in Canada but this is wrong, you can still get a PSWP which is also an open letter for work permit in Canada and you can apply for this within 90 days of completion of your graduation.

Study in Canada visa 2020 Scholarships and Grants

If you want to apply for a study in Canada 2014 scholarship or grant or you want to study in Canada for free with the help of any scholarships, you would be required to apply for certain ones. Here is a complete list of scholarships for international students for study in Canada 2014.

Study in Canada 2020 Scholarships and Grants List

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