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Study Abroad Scholarships for International Students 2020

Interested in Studying Abroad? Go for the Study abroad scholarships 2020 for international students! Today there are many people who are willing to further their education but in one way or another find themselves without the financial means to do so. It is for this reason that most of these people will consider the various types of scholarships that are available to them and this will mainly depend on their country of origin and most importantly their level and grades of education. Even though most students hesitate when they think of studying abroad due to the cost, scholarships are today providing many students with the necessary financial aid to pursue their courses.

Study abroad scholarships 2020 are monetary figures that are awarded to various students by different institutions, organizations as well as governments in order to cater for the expenses of these students and this will include tuition fees, accommodation costs, travel costs as well as books costs. Scholarships are categorized in many ways but the perhaps the best way is to classify them will be in 5 different ways namely merit based, student specific, program specific, subject specific and destination specific. Students all over the world are always encouraged to apply to many scholarships as possible in order to increase their chances of receiving the funding. There are 3 major types of study abroad scholarships and these are General study abroad scholarships, diversity in study abroad scholarships and nontraditional countries scholarships.

General Study Abroad Scholarships 2020 for Studying abroad Programs

These scholarships are applicable to all kinds of students and are available in different types of institutions and some are sponsored by famous organizations.

CIEE Scholarships is one of the various general study abroad scholarships 2020 available to students all over the world today. In this type of scholarship students are also capable of receiving grants.

Council of American Overseas Research Centers Scholarships is another common general study abroad scholarship which runs under the CLS (Critical Language Scholarship) program that is part of the US government’s efforts of improving the numbers of American students undertaking as well as mastering the critical need of foreign languages.

Other common scholarships under this category include ecole des chartes exchange fellowship, Fulbright program, Global studies foundations student grant, Golden key study abroad scholarship, International students loan, AIFS study abroad and Rotary Club Ambassadorial Scholarships among many others.

Diversity In Study Abroad Scholarships 2020

These are the type of scholarships that specifically target to fund students that are underrepresented.

AIFS is one of the major scholarships under this category and this is awarded to summer students or semester students that come from diverse backgrounds.

Benjamin A Gilman Scholarship is another one in this category and the main purpose for this one is supporting students that have been under represented traditionally to study abroad and this will include those with disabilities and those that high financial needs among others.

Other common scholarships in this category include HACU, IIPP and Joseph A Towles African Study scholarships among others.

Nontraditional Countries Scholarships 2020 for studying abroad

These are the type of scholarships that enable students to study in different parts of the world apart from America and that will include Africa, Asia, The Caribbean, Middle East as well as Latin America.

Simpson Egyptology Scholarship is one of the various scholarships available in this category and this provides a platform for American students who wish to study in the University of Cairo concerning the culture and the history of Ancient Egypt.

West African Research Association (WARA) Scholarships are other scholarships under the Nontraditional countries scholarships that are meant to provide an exchange program between West African and American institutions as well as scholars. Other notable scholarships under this category include NSEP language flagship fellowship, freeman Asia, American Institute of Bangladesh studies fellowships and Japanese Government Scholarships among other Study abroad scholarships 2020 for international students.

Study Abroad Scholarship 2020

Study Abroad Scholarships for international students 2020