live and work abroad for freeWant to Live and Study Abroad in Top Universities in the World? Most of the students are looking to carry on their stay in the same country abroad where they have received the education from. But let us tell you that if you are interested in prolonging your stay even after your studies, you should better know the requirements and the rules and regulations of that country.

Countries Where You Live and Study Abroad

Currently there are only Canada, USA and recently Australia that have opened their arms for the foreign students to stay and work there with an option to Live and Study Abroad. Moreover, there is UK where you have the option to search the suitable job for you after you have completed your studies. In the meanwhile, you can earn handsome amounts as well.

World Welcomes You Live and Study Abroad

Currently, as the economy of the world is facing crises, the countries are welcoming foreign investments and the students and they are creating incentives for the students to stay after they are done with their studies abroad. They are trying their levels to promote foreign education for the foreign students so that their local economy could be stable. UK is one of those countries that receive a good amount of investments in the shape of students.

For other countries where you want to study abroad and want to stay after completion and Live and Study Abroad, you should go through their rules and regulations so that you don’t have to come up with any issues. Best of Luck!

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