disable JavaHow to Disable Java? Do it ASAP!

How to Disable Java in Browsers after US-CERT Warning has been issued? Beware Apple and Mozilla Have Already Moved to Disable Java in their web browsers. This is a warning that has been issued by the US-CERT which is the section of the US Homeland Security Department and this research has been carried out to warn the internet users to disable Java on their computers.    This warning has recently been issued on the Friday! So, where does the problem lie? It is in fact the Java Security Manager itself that hosts the flaw which can attract many hackers to attack the users’ computers. So, it is more than important that you disable it asap!

How to Disable Java now?

For the Apple Users as well as the Mozilla users, it is of satisfaction that both of the companies have stepped forward to save their users from the possible exploiting of the attackers. The Apple has already disabled that versions and the Mozilla have enabled the built-in functionality of CLICK TO PLAY.

How to Disable Java in Internet Explorer?

Let’s take a look at how to disable Java in internet explorer first. For this, you need to go to the Manage Add-ons option available on the gear option. As you get on to the add-on types, you need to click on the Toolbars and Extension that are available under the left panel. Under Sun Microsystems Inc. you would come up with the Java entry from where you can disable the same by changing the enabled to disabled on the right corner.

How to Disable Java in Firefox

It’s just like a work of jiffy to disable Java in Firefox. Go to tools and then move to the Manage Add-ons option.  Go to the Plugins tab and scrolling down to the right panel, go to the Java Button and press the disable option! Everything is done!

How to Disable Java in Google Chrome

Its more than easier to disable Java in Google Chrome! Simply go to the Chrome Plugins where you would find Java. Just disable it from right there!

I hope you would have come to know how to disable Java on computer in different web browsers. Do it ASAP otherwise you may fall a pray to some hackers! Good Luck! Please, share with your friends to let them know of the danger!

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