If you own a Student car while living in Florida then, as per the Florida Student auto insurance requirements, it is mandatory for you to get it licensed by Florida Department of Insurance. The Student auto owner is required to maintain its insurance coverage as long as the Student car insurance requirements in Florida call for. It is also compulsory for the vehicle owner to Student carry their Student car insurance in their vehicle at all the times. Florida stands at 25th position in paying the highest Student car insurance premiums in the nation. According to one estimate, Floridians almost pay $1453.20 per vehicle per year. The requirement for Student car insurance in Florida mainly includes

What is PIP? PIP stands for Personal injury Protection. It is also known as no fault insurance. PIP provides you shield even if you are at fault within the constraint of your policy. PIP also covers your child and other members of the household. It also covers those licensed drivers who drive your vehicle with your permission. The amazing fact of PIP is that even if your child suffers an injury while riding on a school bus then PIP will also provide coverage to that. The Florida Motor No fault vehicle law has made it mandatory for all Student car owners to Student carry $10,000 for Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Florida law requires you to maintain the PIP insurance coverage during the whole licensed period.

Student auto Insurance
Student Car Insurance 2014

Now what is PDL? It stands for Property Damage Liability. Student car accidents can be caused due to many reasons. It can cause personal as well as property damage to both parties. In such situations, PDL provides you shield in case if your vehicle has caused damage to another vehicle. Florida Motor Vehicle No-fault law requires every citizen of Florida to pay $10,000 for property damage cases. Laws of Florida are strict and require you to maintain the PDL insurance coverage during the whole licensed period.

BIL stands for Bodily Injury Liability. This coverage pays for crucial and permanent injury/disorder or death to others when your Student car causes damage to other. In such situations your insurance company pays for the bodily injuries caused by you and moreover it also provides a legal representation for you in the case if you get sued. Depending on your insurance policies it may also provide coverage to other licensed drivers who drove your vehicle during the accident.

One thing more if you have moved from another state to Florida then you cannot maintain your previous Student car insurance policies. But some insurers have agents for Florida, and with the help of those agents you can transfer your current insurance to Florida while registering your vehicle in Florida. These are the minimum Student auto insurance requirements in Florida that Floridians have to meet to keep themselves safe from heavy fine!

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