The Tropical Storm Andrea 2013 which was formerly named to be the hurricane of 2013 has been reported to be formed this Wednesday night and the formation was happened in the Gulf of Mexico. The graphical representation has been construed by the meteorological department where it is expected to cover the coastal areas.

Talking about the Tropical Storm Andrea 2013, it is pertinent to mention that most of the coastal areas of the state of Florida are under threat of this tropical storm named Hurricane Andrea as well.

Latest about Tropical Storm Andrea 2013

hurricane andrea
hurricane andrea

As per the latest info and Tropical Storm Andrea 2013 predictions, the Hurricane Andrea is expected to effect the Florida state with heavy and torrential rainfalls as well. Moreover, there has also been reported the landfall in some areas. The people of Florida State had to face heavy rain showers as the hurricane approached them this Thursday. So for the win speed is no more than 60mph but it is expected to rise as the time passes on. Moreover, the North Carolina government is also looking to make preparations for the Tropical Storm Andrea 2013.

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