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Top Universities in the World 2020

Top universities in the world 2020 are given by QS rankings and Times Higher Education rankings each year. Each person interested in continuing his or her higher studies would always like to be a part of one of the top universities in the world. Let us take a look at the rankings and how the awarding bodies carry out the ranking process in order to make a decision of where and what to study.

Top Universities in the world 2020 as per QS World University Rankings 2020

The QS World University Rankings 2020 evaluates over 700 universities in the world while considering over 200 universities the world over. There are 05 subject areas taken in to consideration; namely, Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Life Science and Medicine, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences and Management.

top universities in the world

There are 06 indicators used.

  • Academic reputation from global survey – worth 40%
  • Employer reputation from global survey – worth 10%
  • Citations per faculty from sciverse scorpus – worth 20%
  • Faculty student ratio – worth 20%
  • Proportion of international students – worth 5%
  • Proportion of international faculty – worth 5%

Therefore according to the QS world university rankings Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States (US) has 100% and ranks 1st, Cambridge University in the United Kingdom (UK), Harvard University US, University College London UK, Oxford University  UK, Imperial College London UK, University of Yale US, University of Chicago US, Princeton University US and California University US are among the top 10.

Apart from the above 33 universities in US, 17 in UK, 7 in Australia, 3 from Canada, 4 in Switzerland, 1 in France, 2 universities in Denmark, 4 in Germany, 4 in Netherlands, 1 in Ireland, 1 university in Finland, 1 in Sweden, 1 in Belgium, 1 in Taiwan, 6 in Japan 1 in Singapore, 3 universities in China, 3 in South Korea and 2 in Hong Kong are among the top 100 according to the QS rankings.

The university rankings can also be obtained according to region, subject as well as the most student friendly cities, thus making the search more comprehensive. The website will provide more details about the rankings.

Top Universities in the world 2020 as per Times Higher Education Rankings

Times Higher Education rankings 2020  use 13 performance indicators which in turn are grouped into 05 areas to provide the top universities in the world 2020. The 05 areas are:

  • The teaching and learning environment – worth 30%
  • The volume, income and reputation of research carried out – worth 30%
  • The amount of citations – worth 30%
  • The impact on industries – worth 2.5%
  • The international outlook of staff, students and research – worth 7.5%

If a university does not teach undergraduates, if it teaches only a single subject or if the research output is less than 200 a year, it is excluded from the rankings.

According to the 2013 rankings California Institute of Technology in the Unites States (US) ranks number 1 in the world, followed by University of Oxford United Kingdom (UK). The US has 46 universities in the top 100, with UK having 10, Australia 6, Canada 5, Switzerland 3, Germany 4, Netherlands 2, Sweden 2, Belgium 2, France 4, China 2, Japan 2, Singapore 2, Hong Kong 2 and the Republic of Korea having 2 in the top 100.

The rankings can be found according to regions as well as subject. The website; can provide more details on the subject.

Top universities in the world 2020 vary according to each awarding body which depends largely on the methodologies used. However a better insight as to what the world has on offer can be compared. In the end it is entirely up to the student to decide where to go and what to study abroad in Top Universities in the world 2020.