Most of the international students want to Study in Spain for free. For those who want to study abroad in Spain and enhance their international exposure, Spain has plenty to offer. Spain is a relatively inexpensive country and a supportive government who work hard and made their educational sector according to the international standard and provide a perfect choice for foreign students to come here and exploit their skills. Spain is a fabulous country to live in, the offense is relatively low, and people are supportive and very cordial. Especially love to those people who make effort to learn Spanish language. Spain is a great country to see, both in and around the cities and if you choose to study in Spain in Spanish universities you should visit the rural regions of the country as well. There are plenty of things which Spaniard talks about and they want you should see those things and you will be pleased with those fabulous experiences.

Study in Spain for free in Spanish Universities and colleges

Spain is an eternally worldwide recognized country for providing quality education. University appears 2010 QS world university ranking top 200 universities including the University of Barcelona which at place no#148. Spanish university usually have four month period in a calendar year (OCT to FEB and FEB to JUNE). Although for International students university has a different time period in a year. Mostly university have two shift first one start near about 8am and finished around 2pm. The second shift or evening shift start from around about 4pm to 9pm. For exams point of view some professors prefer modular exams ones you passed one modular you never have study the subject again and if you fail in any modular then u have the opportunity recapture it.

Why to study in Spain for free

For study in Spain, the universities provide flats which is a little expensive if compare to the private rented accommodation. Another type of flats is called student flats which are in term of price and independence has their own value and it is the most common option for domestic students as well as foreign students. Other type of accommodation is private accommodation for which students have to pay an agreed sum of rent for a room and probably living with the Spanish family. The interesting thing for study abroad in Spain some universities have to introduce special cross-generation accommodation programs, according to the rule of this program students have to live in older people’s home for small rent and help with household work, which provide a wonderful opportunity for foreign students if learning Spanish is your aim, want to know their norms customs and you don’t mind of losing some freedom for staying in private accommodation.

Spain is the country of the Wetlands Mountains and deserts, although most of the country is plain. Some location in Spain are very hot during the entire time, Spain generally has a moderate weather. So at some time, the capital of Spain Madrid face high temperatures (average temperature 85 degrees Fahrenheit/29 degrees Celsius). When the temperature is high the aboriginal Spaniards and tourist move for the Centrist weather of coast. In the other hand, winter tend to be cold inside of the country (average temperatures are about 50 degrees Fahrenheit/10 degrees Celsius). Weather is cool and cloudy alongside the ocean. The rain and snow mostly fall north side of the country. So for weather point of view study abroad in Spain is a reasonably good country for tourist and students.

Spain Transport system is not advances like other Euro country. They have trains but these are very slow and not comfortable and couldn’t meet European stander. Although some big cities have wonderful underground or bus system and you can fly internally for the longer destination.

  For study in Spain for free, you also have knowledge of some items and their relative costs.

ITEM                                                                                        COST

One liter of petrol                                                                 Euro 1.33

Cinema ticket                                                                Euro 5.50

Cocktail                                                                           Euro 5

Liter of bottled water                                                  Euro 2

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    I have a great wish to study in Spain but I don’t have enough information how to apply fo free or low cost. I want to apply for international tourism and hospitality management if its possible plz contact to me.

  2. have a student who is interested in spain without ielts… please reply back as soon as possible

  3. I am interested to study in Spain.I have a long study gap though I am ready to study MBA for free without IELTS. pls in inform me the universities name and contact details for admission as soon as possible to my e-mail ID. Thanks.

  4. I have a huge study gap, and still I want to study in Spain, can I get the required help for having an admission?

  5. Hello I am try to search best university in Spain which is based on information section .Generally, I am intrested in bachelor in information technology .Please provide me fee and full information of perfect university .

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    I want study PhD in Business or Management in Spain applying for scholarship. I am a class a student. Give me your advice and help.

  7. Im deeply in love with spanish culture n the dances, as i have been dancer for years. I love the language as well. And im now studying spanish for 6 months. Would like to learn more about the chances to study free in spain, for spanish n maybe european studies? Is there an age limit n wealth bottom line to pass?
    Thanks if anyone could help out.

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    I am interested study in Spain. (Spanish Language Course in Spain)

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  10. hello people my name is anas i am from morocco i have a bachelor degree i want to study fine arts in this beautiful country for free if you want to help me this is my phone number

  11. I would like to study in Spain or other Spanish speaking countries of Latin America to learn Spanish language. Where can I get an information for this?

  12. hi, i want to study master degree in english in built and natural environment program ( civil engineering related). Kindly could you send me the list of universities which offer free study in english related to my chosen course.

  13. Could you also provide me with the information about free education in Spain. please send me the information to my email address.

  14. ola soy mariam del sahara occidental , estudio en mi primer clase d universidad , estudio literatura ingles , y aun k mi pais es occupado no tenia mucha suerte para continuar mis estudios por eso pregunto como puedo tener una beca a estudiar en espana?

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