Russia is one of the countries that attract people from all over the world due to its culture, environment, traditions and language. Don’t know why most of foreign students are still worried by the expenses of living in Russia whereas Study in Russia for Free in 2020 is possible now! The students who have immense desire for free study in Russia will get a lot of opportunities to fulfill their desire because

Government of Russian Federation offers scholarships for international students every year. Russia is the best destination for graduate as well as Master’s programs because its institutes provide a high quality and internationally recognized education. Another reason why students choose Russia for studying is the best value of affordable education and lower living costs.

Study in Russia for Free without IELTS 2020

Students can also enjoy rich culture, history and hospitality of its people. Russian literature is the richest literature in the world. Many Russian writers have won Nobel Prizes in literature. This shows its richness. Students can also enjoy the literary style of Russia with study in Russia without IELTS.

During study, one can get so much experience in a country with gaining influence and power. To examine the civilization of a country, education is first step. If education level is high then definitely that country will be rich in its civilization and economics. The rich civilization of Russia shows that its government spends a lot of money in education field to make Russia a progressive country.

The ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation offers Government scholarships for international students. Available scholarships are for graduate, post-graduate and for training programs. With the help of these scholarships, one can study in the Russian educational institutions of higher education at the expense of federal budget allocations for the year 2020. The foreigners who want to get admission in this country or the foreign nationals who are already studying here are included in this quota.

The benefits of this scholarship are,

Programs Offered by Russian Universities without IELTS

Russia has fantastic education system with top universities and colleges. Teachers are so qualified that students can earn a lot of satisfactory information from them. Russia has some excellent engineering and medical programs. Moreover, one can also apply in various programs such as economics, design, finance, management, business, information technology, international relations, basic and emerging sciences and culture and arts programs under the “State Quota System”.

Universities that Offer Study in Russia for Free

  1. Southern Federal University
  2. Siberian Federal University
  3. Orenburg State University of Management
  4. North Eastern Federal University
  5. Kabardino-Balkarsky State University
  6. Belgorod State Institute
  7. Perm State Technical University

To get admission in your desired department, first you have to do one year Russian Language Course at the university. More than 100,000 students have been benefitted in the last year from all over the world. During their period involved to study in Russia for free 2020, they learnt the culture and traditions of the country with their studies. This is the result of paying attention of Russian government in education.

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  1. dear sir/madaam
    i graduated in BBS .i just wat to do MBA can i get scolarship in russia?
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  2. My name is Md Yeakub Hossain. I have some enquirers :-
    1. How I will get admission?
    2. How much money I have to pay for admission or how I will get full scholarship?
    3. I want to know about visa processing?
    Thank you and looking for answer.

  3. Sir I graduated in MA English, I want to do one more master degree in english.can I enroll my name to study in Russia.

  4. sir i graduated in architecture,i want to do m.a architecture in russia can i get scholarship.

  5. dear sir/madaam
    i graduated in electrical engineering.i just wat to do msc can i get scolarship in russia?
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