Want to apply for study in London for free? London, the capital city of England has a historic value. The old and new eras merge to create an interesting culture, which could be an invaluable experience to a young student. Many employers will find you an essential member to be taken on their team.

As there are many companies that choose to have their head officers in London, you are sure to be able to have hands on experience in your field. Therefore most of you will be clamoring to get into an institution in London, but can you study in London for free?

Can International Students Study in London for Free?

Around 25% of London’s total student population comes from over 200 countries outside UK. London has 45 universities and 4 of them are in the top 100 universities of the world. Tuition fees in London cost between £8,000 and £11,000. However, the fees vary depending on the university and course. Also students from the EU pay much less tuition fees.

This does mean that studying in London is not free, but there are scholarships that are available that you can apply for. These scholarships are either half or full, which means that either part or all of your expenses are covered. If you are granted a scholarship, you will actually be studying for free completely or to a certain extent.

Students from the European Economic Area and Switzerland may be exempt from paying tuition fee, if you meet specific criteria. There is however loans that can be arranged to pay your fees. To get more information you should visit www.ukcisa.org.uk/student/eea_fees.php.

study in London for free without ielts
study in London for free without IELTS

What are the Scholarships Available for Students to Study in London for Free?

  • British Chevening Scholarship: Awarded for around 110 countries for a 01 year Masters. Visit the website www.chevening.org. for more details
  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP): Awarded for commonwealth countries. This will cover travel, all tuition and living expenses. The website www.csfp-online.org offers more details.
  • Royal Society Fellowships: It is offered for Science and Medical research, 02 years for North America and up to 01 year for Asia. For science and medical research. The website www.royalsociety.org has more information on this Award.
  • There are specific scholarships and grants that are offered by the institutions themselves. Accessing the websites of each institution or alternatively visiting the websites www.studylondon.ac.uk, www.click-courses.com/study_in_london, the British council website and Study in England Directory will prove useful.

It is what you want to do and it is where you want to do it. London is one of the best places in the world to get your studies done. Refer to the websites, do your research right and find a university that suits you. Apply for a scholarship and see if you qualify to study in London for free 2020.

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