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Do you want to study in Latvia for free 2020 without IELTS? Latvia, christened after one of the four Indo-European Baltic Tribes, is a neonate country with its independent and unique identity ever since 1991 and has been continually thriving to showcase its individuality and its worth on this international podium in terms of development, HDI agriculture and education.

Standing with earnest zeal, Latvia has commenced its venture with profound enthusiasm and offers myriad higher education traits attracting student from all corners of this globe.

Study in Latvia for Free 2020 with International Standards without IELTS

Let’s get into the educational structure of Latvia. Categorizing educational program into academic and professional, Universities and other higher education institutions offer Bachelor’s (Bakalaurs) and Master’s (Magistrs) degree in both academic and professional courses like law, medical, marine, machine, pharmacy etc. The higher education institutions in Latvia are fellow members of international co-operations. Latvia educational arrangement serves with both state financed and fee-paid courses. For able students, the fee is mostly publicly financed.

Study in Latvia for free without ielts

Study in Latvia for free without ielts


Study in Latvia for Free 2020 with Study abroad scholarships

Following the Bologna system of leveled studies: bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral, Latvia, to boost its educational facet has decided to completely fund the educational expenses of students who excel in the entrance exams like GMAT, GRE or IELTS. Student may also request for scholarship to fund their other expenses as well. Latvia provides scholarships upto 100% for Bachelor’s, Master’s and research programs. Some course in Latvia has been made free including Language, History, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Health care, Family, Military, Public Administration, Architecture and a lot more to name.

Study in Latvia for Free 2020 study abroad programs

Alison, an online learning course also aids in learning in Latvia through many free online courses in myriad domain. There are many Universities and non-Universities offering academic and professional degree based on the minimum requirement concerned for each one of them. To attract a finer and greater consortium of minds from all over the world, Government of Latvia has taken this step of making higher education free for the deserving and the “capables”.

There are many summer schools in Latvia offering great deal of scholarships to students, research workers and for teaching staff as well. There are many “early birds” offer as well attracting students for admissions in new academic year. For more details on the admission process, the correct time for application and the formalities to be completed (visa and other stuffs), the Latvian ambassador in your country can help in you with greater details on all your queries. You may also discuss on the scholarship aspect with them and get clarified if any doubt sprouts. For you see, there’s nothing which comes free. But Latvia has education to offer you to Study in Latvia for Free 2020.