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study in japanStudy in Japan 2013 for free with study abroad scholarships

The opportunities for study in Japan are available there in respect of different disciplines. The Japan is located in the east of Asia in Pacific Ocean aside by the china, South Korea and North Korea. The word Japan refers to the rising sun; as it is situated on the east side, it is called the land of rising sun. Around 127 million people are living in Japan and it is world’s tenth greatest population. The total area of this country is 377,944 square kilometers out of which 0.8 percent is water. The capital of Japan is Tokyo and this is said the largest metropolitan area of the world having population more than thirty million. The Japan has good worth over the world in respect of scientific research, technological breakthroughs and biomedical researches. These elements force the students to consider the opportunities for study abroad free in Japan.

Study in Japan for free Opportunities

The Japanese government is offering many free scholarships for foreign students to serve the people who don’t have reasonable financial resources to get higher education in Japan. If you want to avail these facilities you can contact with your study abroad office to know the details. Furthermore, there are many websites that can provide you the reliable information in this respect. The list of scholarships is as:

  • ·JASSO; especially for those students who don’t have enough financial sources to study.
  • ·Bridging Scholarship for study abroad in Japan; this scholarship is offered to the US undergraduates.
  • ·Boren scholarship; this opportunity is also for US undergraduates.
  • ·Benjamin A. Gilman International Study Scholarship; it also accommodate the US undergraduates.
  • ·Freeman-Asia; this program also facilitate the American students as well as the Asians’.

Why Study in Japan:

There students can get full support by the faculty and by the mentors during research programs. Furthermore, the students also provided the mini refunds in respect of projects and research work. The technological and scientific breakthroughs are claiming that the Japan has friendly environment for students to get something new or better.

Study in Japan- An Academic Overview:

While studying in Japan, you have advantage that the institutes of Japan have worldwide recognition in almost all disciplines. You can travel to Japan for all types of studies like school studies, under-graduation and post-graduation. The master degrees are also offered in English language.

Central Education Board of Japan:

The study tour you have got should be approved by the central education board of Japan. These services are provided by CSIET (The Council for Standards International Education Travel). Further details about this institute are:

Phone: 703-739-9050

Address: 212 S. Henry Street; Alexandria, VA 22314

Fax: 703-739-9035


Best study Department:

There are number of courses available while getting the study abroad free in Japan. The Japan has fame in respect of technology and medicine development; so the students can get better knowledge here in these disciplines. Besides the academic perspectives, here you can be got better training for martial arts like Karate, Judo and Ninja.

Worldwide Study Abroad Institutes:

These opportunities are not limited to the Japan only rather rest of the world is also participating equally to support the deserving students. Even top ranked universities of the world also provide free scholarships for special students who have talent to go ahead. You can go in any continent for free scholarship. There is a list of some institutes as:

  • ·Australian National University
  • ·Goldsmiths University of London
  • ·University of Hamilton
  • ·International College Zhejiang University

Institutes for Study abroad free in Japan:

There are number of institutes providing free scholarship for international students like International University of Japan is top ranked institute of Japan for study abroad opportunities. There are so many other organizations that provide the academic opportunities on the basis of selection of the discipline like Learning Japanese abroad in Kanazawa; in this program you can learn English with degree level certificate.

How to Apply for Visa for Study Abroad Free in Japan:

First of all you have to apply and ensure the admission, if you have done this and got admission you can apply for student visa that can be got easily. You have to submit the application along with complete documents. The required documents are admission certificate, recent health certificate, financial security and visa fee.

Requirements for Study Abroad free in Japan:

Students are required to qualify for these types of scholarships. There are different types of scholarships to study in Japan and requirements and basic criteria for these scholarships is also different. The scholarship test may be taken by the your own central education board or the Japanese board. However, the basic procedures are defined before launching the scholarship program.

Guidelines for Study Abroad Free in Japan:

The facilities of free scholarship are provided on annual basis and all the expenses are also defined along with the program. Actually the total expenses depend upon the discipline you are going to select. It may be increased or decreased on the basis of tenure and subject matter of subject. Even the expenses for research work and projects are also reimbursed in most of the cases. While you are applying online for any discipline, you should check the expenses list also.

How we can Help You Study Abroad Free in Japan:

Here you can get all types of guidelines if you are confused even after getting the admission. Actually there are many things that can confuse you after getting the admission even after reaching at Japan. We can help you if you are confusing where to apply for Admission or how to get students visa via an easy procedure. These guidelines can ease the whole way for study abroad free in Japan.