You can study in Italy for Free 2020 without IELTS just with the help of Italian Study abroad scholarships. Once you get the scholarship, which is a bit easier, you can study in Italy for Free.

The mesmerizing architectural achievements, the delicious dishes, scrumptious pizzas, charming streets, spicy foods, beautiful cities, natural landscapes, friendly people and heart-melting fluidity of language make Italy a really good country to study in. It has a truly rich culture with amazing history and famous universities with a large number of subjects that appeal to the people, especially students from all over the world. Italy is the second most popular destination for the people who search cultural enrichment.

Study in Italy without IELTS
Study in Italy for Free 2020 with Italian Scholarships

This country is situated in Europe and is one of the leading powers in energy, economics and educational sectors. A good number of parks and beautiful islands enhance the natural beauty of Italy. In simple words, we can say that nature has bestowed it with everything. Many students around the world are wishing to study in Italy because it contains many ancient universities. Actually, industrial growth and friendly environment inspires the student to study in Italy for free 2020. One can also enjoy the construction technique of 3rd oldest building ‘The Leaning Tower of Pisa’ there with study which has become the identification of Italy in the world.

Nowadays, Italy offers more opportunities for the growth of academic career of international students. Italian universities offer a large number of subjects for enrollment to the foreigners. Many of them also provide scholarships to those foreign students who have some financial issues and want to study in Italy free.

90 universities in Italy are quite popular and out of them, 27 universities are featured in World’s University Ranking. All these universities have opened their doors for the international students to study in Italy for free. Many other academia, training institutions and postgraduate specialized centers are also a part of its education sector.

Best Study Abroad Programs for Studying in Italy for free 2020

There is a big list of the programs which are offered by the Italian universities. Some universities offer worldly recognized disciplines like administration, management, finance, history and humanities. Fashion designing of Italy is getting famous day by day and students are doing short as well as long courses. The universities enjoy great reputation in the fields of medicine, mathematics, physics and engineering. They are providing the best academic facilities to the international students.

Italian government announces many scholarships to both the international and native students. If a foreign student wants to apply for a scholarship, he has to get a form from Italian embassy or consulate and then return back it after filling and attaching the required documents therewith. The govt. offers financial support to international students to make their study more attractive and feasible. A large number of students around the world are enjoying free education in Italy at the expense of Italian government.

Italian Study Scholarships to Study in Italy for Free

Many institutions and organizations offer scholarships to the students who need financial assistance to help fund their programs. Some of them are given below:

  1. CAPA International education
  2. CEA Scholarships
  3. Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)
  4. Crivelli Europe Scholarship
  5. Bocconi University.
  6. UME Graduate School
  7. SantAnna School of Advance Studies
  8. University of Genoa
  9. MIB School of Management
  10. Polytechnic University of Marche
  11. MIB School of Management of Trieste
  12. University of Catania

Universities in Italy without IELTS Offering Scholarships

These universities come out to be more than just a blessing for the students who want to study in Italy for free 2020.

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