Study in Ireland for free without IELTS

It is possible to study in Ireland for free 2020 without IELTS like most of the European countries. The Republic of Ireland is well known for its natural beauty with emerald green country side, ancient Celtic heritage, medieval towns, secluded high lands, craggy coast lines, isolated bays, festivals and music. It will be a fantastic experience for international students. How much does it cost to study in Ireland or will it be possible to study in Ireland for free?

Can you study in Ireland for free in 2020?

Universities in Ireland offer courses in Medicine, Engineering, Science and Technology, Business and related, Arts and Humanities to name a few and also Postgraduate courses. Each course has a different fee structure, for example cost for Medical courses range from 29000EUR to 42000EUR, Engineering courses from 9100EUR to 20300EUR approximately and so on.

By and large the fees depend on each individual institution. Accommodation, living and travel expenses and books would have additional costs. Therefore as you can see, studying in Ireland is not exactly free.

Who can study in Ireland for free 2020?

However, EU citizens or non-EU citizens already resident in Ireland may be exempted from study abroad fees if they meet certain criteria. So yes, some of you might be able to study for free.

  • EEA/Swiss nationals and those with refugee status may qualify for exemption of undergraduate fees. But private colleges and courses in Northern Ireland do not consider such students.

Also there are a small number of study abroad scholarships for international students to study in Ireland which are available from the respective institutions themselves. Grants for higher education are also available and eligibility to receive such grants can be obtained from the student finance site.

Resources for checking eligibility for grants, international scholarships and to study in Ireland for free

can be useful in obtaining information about studying in Ireland.

Research the possibility to study in Ireland for free without IELTS in some very good universities in Ireland without ielts or otherwise and enter this exiting country which could add to your experience of living.