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Study in Germany for Free 2020

Hundreds of foreign students want to study in Germany for free 2020 because there are good institutions offering a variety of courses cheaply. For some students, they take a single semester, a year or some go for full degree training. So why it is that Germany is a good destination for a student? Now, for anyone who has researched on the Germany education, you know its quality academic standards that allow students to excel. Another reason why you have to study here is the cost that is cheaper compared to other universities. For about $700 a semester, you can study and live comfortably here.

Study in Germany without ielts 2020
Study in Germany for free 2020

For those who are lucky to study in Germany 2014 in public universities, they can apply to the government to study in Germany for free 2020. The government has put in place scholarships for different categories to help students who cannot afford the costs and daily expenses. One of the widely given scholarships is the engineering courses at the technical universities.

Why study in Germany for free 2020

You can study in Germany 2014 because there are good reasons. First, the country has over 300 higher institutions with good academic programs to study across the country. When compared to other countries, Germany tops with quality. For any student coming to study, the cost of living is below and affordable. There are various discounts and benefits given with an average of about 700 Euros a month.

A higher percentage of Germany high education learning institutions get funding from the government. This means local and international students carry out research and study without worrying on the high costs of tuition. Today, many institutions are inventing tuition fees. Even for those paying these fees, it is upon the institution laws to and the respective state that determines the exact amount to pay. However, these fees are considerably affordable.

Study Germany 2020 to get an international degree

The Germany institutions offer many courses that lead to an international degree. The good thing with Germany degrees is they are designed in a way to attract students who look into the future with an international dimension. This includes postgraduate, undergraduate and graduate. You also benefit from international English language and Germany instructions.

Though one must enroll in educational courses, there are many leisure activities offered outside the university curriculum that would make one want study in Germany 2020. Choose from different sports, the culture and a good life for students to enjoy their stay here.

The language for Study in Germany 2020

Many courses in Germany are taught in English. However, there are other instructions given in the German language. The government implements law that requires students to pass DSH examination before enrollment. There are many schools licensed to offer the language syllabus. The second thing a student must fulfill is the admission requirements, the visa requirements and good accommodation.

Study in Germany without IELTS 2020

For the non English speakers, they can still study in Germany without IELTS 2020. This is an English language test system that allows examiners to see if one can study in Germany for free 2020 by taking the general trainers version or the academic version of the language test.


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  1. Madiha

    I have done BBA hons and MBA. Even I have done IELTS with overall band 7 . I want to do M-PHIL in Germany so how can apply and what is the process. Kindly guide me. Waiting for kind response

  2. Muhammad Umer

    I have complete my Inter FSC Science Degree And i want to study inn Engineering

  3. Humayun Ali Ahmed

    I want to study in germany without IELTS

  4. Humayun Ali Ahmed

    I want to in germany without IELTS

  5. Faisal


    I am Faisal from bangladesh . i have done HSC(Business Program)and I want to do BBA program in Germany because its my last hope please sir help me out .

  6. Sumera


    I am Sumera from pakistan. i have done HSSC(pre medical)and I want to do BDS Or BBA programme in germanyr because its my last hope please sir help me out .

    1. Faisal

      would u like go to abroad

  7. Muhammad nouman danish

    I have done3years DAE in MECHANICAL with 68% marks

  8. Farhan Saeed

    Dear sir
    i done my 3 years Diploma in Electronics and intrusted for study in germany
    kindly Help me that How can i starts


  9. m a mannan

    Hi my is m a mannan I want to go abroad further study. For Germany. So please help me

  10. Ameer Hamza


    I am ameera pakispakistanavpakistanassed FSC(pre madical)and know I want MBBS in germany germgermanyplease sir because its my last hope

  11. Anna

    I am still a freshman at my home-country university in Viet Nam. I really want to apply for an German undergraduate course majoring in Bioscience. The problem is that I do not have a strong financial support and I haven’t known any German so I really need an advice about how to enroll for a German university that offers a cheap program or a scholarship helping me to cover my fee there.
    Please be kind to reply me these questions below:
    1. Can I apply for any university that provide English-taught courses with a 6.5 band IELTS ?
    2. If I enroll for a German-taught course but I just know basic German, can I be accepted ? Can I study German in Germany (before my academic years) after being accepted?
    This might be my most precious chance.
    I am looking forward to receiving your reply.

    1. bilal khan

      Don’t know

  12. Wahid Ullah

    I am Wahidullah from Afghanistan and I have passed fs.c from Pakistan and know I want dental diploma in Germany. So please sir . because its my last hope.

  13. pramod

    i am a B Tech holder with 5 years of work experience i would like to knoe the details of MBA course there

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