Do you want to study in England for free without ielts 2020? Let’s talk about England first.England: Interesting not only because of the queen, also because of its rich heritage and history, a diverse culture, amazing landscape, music and art. Also home to some world acclaimed an top ranking universities and education system it is a student’s dream come true to be able to study in England. However, can you study in England for free?

Can International Students Study in England for Free 2020?

There is a course fee that International students have to pay. Hence the study is not free. The fees by and large depend on the institution you will be applying for and the course. The fee not only covers the tuition, but also the seminars, practical, computer facilities, library access, sports facilities, research resources and many others.

However there are scholarships that are available that you can apply for. If you are considered eligible, you’ll have part or all of your expenses covered and if all of your expenses are covered, then indeed you will be studying for free.

A few scholarships and websites that you could access in order to gain an idea and apply for scholarships are given below.

Name of Scholarship Website Additional Information
British Chevening Scholarship One year masters. For around 110 countries
Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) For commonwealth countries. This covers travel, tuition and living expenses.
Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme For students who don’t qualify for other government funding
Royal Society Fellowships Offered for up to 02 years for North America and up to 01 year for Asia. For science and medical research
UNESCO Fellowship Bank Scheme Courses in education, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, culture, communication, information and informatics is supported

Apart from the above there are specific scholarships and grants offered by the institutions themselves. To find out about them, it is advisable to refer the websites of each institution or alternatively visit the website and also the British council website.

Are students from the European Economic Area and Switzerland eligible to Study in England for Free 2020?

As a student from these particular areas there is a specific criterion you have to meet to be exempt from paying the tuition fee. If you do not meet this, you will have to pay what is known as “home” student fees. However there are loans that can be arranged in order to pay your fees. For the latest information visit the website

To study in England without IELTS for free in top universities in England is not exactly a dream. You have to show your eligibility and how keen you are in order to obtain a full scholarship. A part study abroad scholarship would also be of help. Get started in doing your research and get in to the best to be the best and study in England for free without ielts 2020.

Study in England without ielts
Study in England for Free without IELTS 2020


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  1. i wanna study food technology in British university getting a scholarship.So please help me how to process in UK

  2. Sir,Please give me admission i want study in Uk iam the student of matrix i can bright my future iam very talented student give me chance

  3. respected sir
    I want to studying in U.K but Could not afford my money expenses please give me full information about all of this . best regards

  4. I want to study in England but i don’t have any english cirtificate e.g ielts or tofel, i have completed my graduation and now want to take admission in higher education, so plz hepl me that how can i get such type of scholarship?

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    I am Ghede Asrat Hiyabu from Eritrea. I had graduated from University of Asmara in 2017. I had worked in the largest senior secondary school sawa as an assistant principal. Since 2012 I am working as lecture in Eritrea Institute of Technology in the department of Educational Leadership and Management. In addition to that I am a translator and an author of philosophical and psychological books. Within this fresh and uncharted mind I do have burning desire to pursue my Masters degree program in England. So then provide me your blessing hand to grab my desire! Please email me….!

    Kind Regards,

  6. hi sir, i m a student of 1st year,and i want to apply in any of institute uk offering for free.

  7. Hi, i am from Pakistan and want to apply any university of UK offering free study without ielts or offering scholarship for master of science. Plz reply me soon and send me application form of that university.I can speak and understand English well.My medium of studies throughout is English.

    1. Sir,
      i am Sanjay..i am from india…i successfully passed metriculation here….now i am intrested to study at England free……but i am financially backward……would u please help me..????????

  8. Dear sire/madam
    My name is Mairvet,iam from Sudan ,i finished my Bbsc studies in uneversity of elnileen ,fucaltey of scince department of bioshimestry,now iam working in DNA lap so ineed to do master studies in this field in England fullfree because I haven’t money and ipormise to pay after ;if I had ajob in England /thanks a lot to anybody who will help me
    Contact me via my email/

  9. Sir / madam hello my name is anas i aM fROM morocco and i Want to study fine art in this beautiful country for free plz help me this is m’y phone nimber

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