Study in Cyprus for Free | Study in Cyprus without IELTS

Study in Cyprus for Free without IELTS is an option for European students as well as international students. OK, there is no university in Cyprus that is without a tuition fee. These are usually around 5100 Euro. But since Cyprus is part of the EU, any European student may pass in and out of Cyprus freely. Because it is off shore of both Turkey and Greece and just above Egypt, it may be viewed as a hub between Africa, Asia and Europe, making it easily accessible to students from these three continents.

Study in Cyprus for free with Multiple Study Abroad Programs

There are various programs that do pay full tuition via students exchange or government grants, where the local academic level of study is in need of improvement. This, of course, is a great boost for both the pride and the success  of the Cyprian academic community.

Study in Cyprus for free Visa

Students from outside the EU must receive a student visa, but this is usually granted quickly by the Cyprian embassy or consulate in your country. The universities and academic institutes of Cyprus are welcoming to international students with lessons given in English and other European languages.

Study in Cyprus without IELTS

Study in Cyprus for Free

The country has always been a cosmopolitan meeting place, and is so still, so you should expect to meet many people from a large variety of nationalities and countries, something good for your future business or academic network.

Students from Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh and India should check the official Cyprian consulate website on academic affairs for international students at

Study Abroad Scholarships for Study in Cyprus for free

There are also companies offering online or telemarketing summer jobs in advance, while paying your flight, giving typically a 20% discount on tuition fees and paying a small scholarship for excelling students. The job pays for the studies and for simple living conditions. Accommodation of a fair standard are available as well, at the given pay range.

Bottom line: There are many options open  for students who wish to study any topic including in the medical profession, none of them are totally free, but almost all options are close to that and attainable with a simple summer job. Study in Cyprus for Free without IELTS 2014 for International Students is a good opportunity to move with.