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Study in Canada for Free without IELTS

Study in Canada for free 2020 Study with Canadian Scholarship! Many people dream of going to Canada for higher studies. For a long time, Canada has been considered as the destination for higher studies for aspiring students. Going to Canada, staying there and studying is a costly affair. But these things can be made easy if the student gets scholarship.

Many times, the scholarship includes the living cost of the student and the life of the student becomes easy. Generally to get scholarship students to have to perform well. The numbers of scholarships are available for studying in Canada is less compared to the US. The list of those scholarships is given below.

Humber College International Entrance Scholarship

This is an annual scholarship and the deadline varies from May 2020 to October 2020. The partial and full renewable scholarship is available for international undergraduate students. 1 full scholarship is available and 1 scholarship worth $ 5000 is offered for January 2020. One has to apply for the admission first and then for the scholarship. The deadline for the admission is October.

York University International Student Scholarship Program

It as an annual scholarship and the deadline is May 2020. It is for international students willing to pursue undergraduate course. The value of Global leader Tomorrow award is $68000 for four years. The value of United World College Scholarship is $ 112000 for 4 years and the value of International Entrance Scholarship is $ 112000. All these scholarships are full time and renewable for three years. It is given for the following subjects; Media, Arts, Performance and Design, Health, Environmental Studies, etc. To get the award students require applying for admission in the University and posses excellent academic track record

International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES)

It is one of the most prestigious awards and total $ 10 million CAD. The value of the scholarship is $28,000 CAD in total, payable at $7,000 CAD annually for four years. The accurate number varies year to year depending on fund availability. It is a merit-based award. After receiving the application the academic profile should be reviewed. Student’s visa and permission for permission to study in Canada are required. One has to apply by January 31.

Carleton University Entrance Scholarship for International Students

One would automatically consider for the scholarship if the student is admitted to Carleton having 80 or more percentage and the language requirement is meet. It is for high school students. Different levels of scholarships are available there. For instance, $ 16000 scholarship for four years and it is renewable for 95-100%. Similarly $ 12000 scholarship for four years and it is renewable for 90-94%, $ 8000 scholarship for four years and it is renewable for 85-89.9%, $ 4000 scholarship for four years and it is renewable for 80-84.9%. Here it should be mentioned that the scholarship would be renewed if the annual GPA 10. However, the actual value of award can increase the time of offer. It would be calculated at the time of admission when you apply to Study in Canada for free 2020 Study with Canadian Scholarship.

It has enormous land scale over the US, is the most wonderful stretches. Canada rank second among the largest country in area after Russia. Canada is a paradise for the traveler. The Niagara fall is one of the wonderful viewer spot in Canada, along with great lakes, whilst Banff and jasper national park. Study in Canada for Free 2020 without IELTS in Canadian Universities offering courses without IELTS can be a lifetime experience for the students.

Study in Canada for Free

Study in Canada for Free

In the past Canada has been greatly influenced by the Irish, English, French, and Scottish customs and tradition.  Presently due to the closeness and migration of people, culture, ideas, thought, and resources, the culture of Canada is highly varied. It is mainly influenced by the culture and customs of America. But this does not indicate that Canada does not have its distinctive culture and tradition.

Study in Canada for Free with Study Abroad Scholarships

Regarding sports Canada is very famous for its hockey. Canada is the sixth largest municipal region that have license to play in the National Hockey League (NHL), Canada has vast number of player in the league than any other country which have participated in the National Hockey League.

Education system to study in Canada for free 2020

Canada rank 10th position among the top 200 Universities in the Qs World Universities Ranking. to study in Canada for free, you will be based in cities which will close to American border and these cities hold multicultural in comparison to no other cities. Canada is well known throughout the world for its superior quality education. Canada is a safe and secure country that provide healthy, multicultural and warm welcome atmosphere for the students coming from other countries to study.

Canada offers a great education system and provides a superb academic course for the international students. In the year 2010 more than 130,000 students from other countries have taken admission in Canada University as to build a booming career.

Study in Canada for Free 2020 with study abroad programs

The universities of the Canada are one of the best institutions in the world and cheaper in comparison to the universities in America. The students of the post graduate stage are offered scholarship, but it is limited few number of students who are highly intellectual and live common wealth nations.

The students graduated from the top universities in Canada can easily get employed any wherein the world. The students prepare themselves for more than five hundred field not only in medical field, but also in the field of management, economic, and engineering. The government of Canada pays great attention towards the education system provided to international as well as local students. During the period to study abroad in Canada the students can get acquainted with the rich, culture, language and tradition of the country.

If you have decided to study in Canada for free 2020, it is a perfect place with a safe and secure environment. It is a great opportunity for the students to build up their career with study in Canada for free without IELTS 2020.