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Study in America for Free 2020

How to Study in America for Free without IELTS or TOEFL

What if I want to study in America for Free without IELTS or TOEFL? What if I don’t have required IELTS or TOEFL score to get admission in American Universities? What if I want to study in America for Free with scholarships? There are many such questions that arise in the different students’ minds. And the same way, the answers to these questions are truly different. In fact, the answer is YES as well as NO depending on the different cases and scenarios. We would try to find out the answer to whether you can study in America for Free or not and whether you can study in America without IELTS or TOEFL or not.

Study in America for Free
Study in America for Free with Scholarships

Study in America for Free with American Scholarships

Let’s take a sneak peek into the first question whether you can study in America for free or not. The simply answer to that is there is nothing free in this world but things are there that can be had without spending money but you need to have some extra capabilities. You can study in America for free if you are a deserving as well as intelligent student who can win an international scholarship to study in America for free. This is where you would receive all the monetary benefits associated with studying abroad in America. Here we go taking a look at the most popular study abroad scholarship for studying in America:

Study in America without IELETS
Study in America without IELETS or TOEFL

US Govt. Scholarships for International Students to study in America for Free

  • Foreign Fullbright Scholarship Program is one of the best options for the international students who are looking to pursue their masters as well as Doctor of Philosophy degrees in America for free. There are many things this scholarship covers for a students. The student would feel relaxed getting paid for the tuition fee for the program, traveling, books, residence and adding more to that, the health insurance as well. These scholarships are not limited to PhD or Masters whereas a student can also apply for Fullbright scholarship for a non-degree post-graduation.
  • For the professional scholarships, the students can opt to apply for very competitive The Hubert H. Humphrey Program that covers almost all of the related expenses for a professional study in America for a year. This is one of the specific programs that aim at professional research and experiences for the bright professional students across designated countries of the world who have distinguished performances in either the private or the public sector.

American Colleges and Universities Scholarships to Study in America for Free

There are many Colleges and universities in America that are offering study abroad scholarships for the international students. The students can apply to these scholarships online through their website. We are providing links to the Universities and colleges scholarship programs here:

America University Scholarship: (

  • Merit Based
  • Partial Scholarships
  • Limited in Numbers
  • Available for First year undergraduate students

Amherst College Scholarships: (

  • Need based scholarships
  • For deserving international students
  • Financial need evaluation after admission
  • It’s an aid package

Arkansas University Scholarships: (

  • For international students
  • Available number of scholarships is 10
  • Chancellor’s Scholarships
  • General University Scholarships

Berea College Scholarship Program: (

  • For every student admission
  • A tuition fee scholarship for a term of 4 years
  • Additional costs are also met
  • Financial need evaluation is done to determine the extent of scholarship

Colby-Sawyer College Scholarships: (

  • Need based scholarships
  • Merit based scholarships
  • Scholarships for international students
  • 4 year undergraduate education
  • Scholarships amount to $50,000-$70,000

Columbia College Scholarships: (

  • 20 study abroad scholarships
  • For international students
  • Cash grant plus tuition scholarships
  • 25%-100% covering tuition fee

Concordia College Scholarships: (

  • Partial Scholarships
  • For international students
  • Based on the students’ contributions
  • Can amount up to $18,000
  • Need evaluation

Cornell University Scholarships: (

  • Limited number and amount of scholarships
  • For international students
  • 30-40 scholarship awards per entry term
  • Both partial and full scholarships depending on the case

Dartmouth College Scholarships: (

100% Need based scholarships

Both international and transfer applicants can apply

ETSU Scholarships: (

  • For new international students
  • Merit based scholarships
  • Scholarships for both graduate and undergraduate degrees
  • Covering 50% expenses for tuition and maintenance
  • Nothing additional under its cover
  • Only for study at ETSU

In addition to the above, there are many other colleges and universities in USA that are offering either partial or full scholarships to the international students. In addition to getting it free, you can also study in America without IELTS or TOEFL if you qualify for these scholarships.

More universities and colleges scholarships in USA Links:

Study in America Scholarships offered by International institutions:

In addition to the Government based as well as universities and colleges scholarships in USA, there are also some institutions in the world that offer study abroad scholarships for international students through their programs. Here is a list of those intuitions and the links to their scholarship programs.

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme: (

  • Limited number of scholarships for international students
  • For postgraduate education
  • For outstanding and exceptional students
  • For the students from developing countries
  • For deserving students
  • Competitive application process to be followed
  • 50% grants scholarship

Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships: (

  • For the students from the countries members of the World Bank
  • Full scholarships
  • For designated universities
  • 8 USA universities

AAUW International Fellowships: (

  • Both for study and research in USA
  • Full scholarships
  • For women who are not US citizens
  • Scholarships amount to $18,000 for Masters Degree
  • Scholarships amount to $20,000 for PhD
  • Scholarships amount to $30,000 for postdoctoral

These are the available study in America for Free options that students can avail and the same would also entitle them to study in America without IELTS or TOEFL.


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