A number of students think of doing PhD in foreign University and look for the PhD scholarships 2020. If they get a scholarship, it becomes easier for them to handle because doctoral research deals with a lot of time and huge cost. However, some doctoral research scholarships are given below.

Cavendish Research PhD Scholarships at University of Westminster

It is an annual for PhD. degree scholarship with a deadline. The session will start in September. It is given in the subjects related to Science and Technology. University of Westminster, United Kingdom is the host institution. 2 people will get the full tuition cost.

The applicant must be in research and hold a first class honours degree in UK or equivalent to anywhere.  One can only apply for the scholarship once the student has already offered a seat for the research.

PHD scholarships 2020
PHD scholarships 2020

Scuola Normale Superiore PhD Scholarships in Italy

This is an exclusively PhD scholarship 2020 applicable both for Italian and non Italian students. The deadline varies from February to August. A host of subjects are covered under this such as Philosophy, Physics, Classics, History of Art, Modern Literature and Philology Modern and Contemporary History, Condensed Matter Physics, Financial Mathematics, Mathematics, Methods and Models for Molecular Sciences, Biophysical Sciences, Renaissance Studies, Neurosciences, and Political Science and Sociology. As many as 86 students will be given this award. 14187 Euro  will be given to the students including tuition and living charge. Free meals will also be given to them. The applicant should be born after 1985 and really excellent at studies.

IRO PhD Scholarships for Developing Countries at K.U. Leuven University

This award comes from Belgium. November is the deadline. Students from developing country actually get priority. This is done to bring equality among the students. Katholieke Universiteit in Flanders, Belgium is the host institute. Different subjects are covered under the program such as Humanities and Social Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Science, and Biomedical Sciences.  It is a full funding scholarship 2020 covering living expenses, some travel grant, and insurance apart from tuition fee. The applicant has to be from a low income and middle income country. The student must hold a Masters degree with good academic record. Development oriented motivation is welcome from the student.

NASP/GSSPS PhD Scholarships in Social and Political Sciences in Italy

This award comes from Italy. It is given for the work in social and political sciences. Ph.D. Programmes in different topics are being conducted such as Economic Sociology, Labour Studies, Sociology, Political Studies, and Methodology of Social Research.

A network of universities are hosting the award such as Brescia, Università Cattolica , Milano-Bicocca, Genova, Milano, Pavia, Piemonte Orientale and Torino. 34 PhD positions are being offered. 13 awards are for economic sociology, 14 awards for political studies 7 scholarships for sociology and methodology. The value is 13500 per year and it is renewable for three years. Good qualification and interview will help the student to achieve the award. The academic excellence of the student is considered throughout this list of PhD scholarships 2020 for international students.