Fully funded scholarships are always good. But many a times it is seen that scholarships are given partially. Sometimes tuition fees are covered and sometimes not even that. An ideal scholarship is expected to cover tuition fee, living cost, medical coverage and other important issues.

However, all over the world there are some institution which offers fully funded scholarship. If students can opt that then there will be no tension from the student’s end.

List of Fully Funded Scholarships 2020

Here is a list of fully funded scholarships 2020 for international students. So, no matter where you are from, you can certainly apply for the study abroad scholarships here.

study abroad scholarships 2020
Fully funded scholarships 2020

Fulbright Foreign Students program (USA)

Maximum number of scholarships are available in US and international students are also interested go to US. It  is a very  prestigious scholarships for who wants admission in  Master’s or PhD degree in American University.  The Fulbright program gives funding study period. The grant also include the cost of tuition, textbooks for the study, a living stipend, health insurance and cost of travel. Here it can be mentioned that

 British Shivering Scholarships (UK)

After US, UK is also one of the favored destinations of students traditionally. Shivering Scholarships is given  by the UK government’s to the global students. It is top performer with leadership potential. It is basically a one-year Master’s degree. It generally covers a living allowance at additional grants to cover essential expenditure and a set rate an economy class return airfare to the UK; apart from tuition fees.

Endeavour Postgraduate Award (Australia)

Australia has emerged favored destination for the young generation. The Awards gives full financial assistance for overseas students from different parts of the world to undertake a Masters or PhD degree either by researcher by any field of study.  The amount of the scholarships considers , travel allowance, establishment allowance, health and travel insurance, monthly stipend apart from tuition fees.

 Swiss Government Excellent Scholarship (Switzerland)

Switzerland is also popular among the international students. The Government of Switzerland offers Excellence Scholarships to graduate from all subjects with the chance to pursue doctoral or postdoctoral research. It is basically a public funded scholarship.  The scholarship considers monthly allowance, lodging allowance, health insurance apart from, tuition fees.

Swedish Scholarships for International Students (Sweden)

Sweden is also gaining popularity among the students across the globe. Highly qualified international students get The scholarships given by Swedish Institute  in Sweden. The objective is to build facilities for the students from developing countries who wants to go for full-time Masters studies at Swedish Universities.  The scholarship considers  living expenses, some travel grant, and insurance apart from tuition fee

VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarships (Belgium)

This scholarship and  training program is designed especially for the developing countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. It is done because it is seen that in most of the cases students from those countries do not get the chance to go abroad and study. These 180 scholarships make their dream come true. The fully funded scholarships consider accommodation, allowance, travel costs, and other program related costs apart from the tuition fee.

Here we have a list of fully funded scholarships for PhD and Masters.

List of Fully Funded Scholarships
Fully Funded Scholarships for PhD and Masters