Are you looking for jobs abroad for free in 2020? Keep it in mind that there is nothing free in this world. You have to pay at least something for that and it may not be the money always. This world is creating new opportunities for the international students who are interested in getting jobs abroad for free while studying in some international colleges or universities. What are the options that might help you get job and study abroad visa?

Well, there are many factors that are required to be considered to avail of this option. You have to find out those colleges and universities as well as those countries that also offer job abroad opportunities for foreign students.

There is a big list of universities where you are allowed to do a part time job after taking coaching classes from the said universities. Moreover, government rules and regulations governing the international students should also provide for the opportunity to study and job abroad at the same time.

Where Can You Get Jobs Abroad for Free 2020?

work abroad for free
Study and Jobs abroad for free 2020

As an international student looking to study and job abroad, you must be looking for a cheaper study abroad destination but yet there are some really good options where you are allowed to work after your college hours. Most of the European countries allow the international students to study and work part time together in order to meet their recurring expenses.

You can study and work abroad in England, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and other countries included in the European Union. You can also work and study in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Other popular study abroad countries where jobs abroad for free, are available also offer international students to work part time.

Part time jobs are available throughout the year but there is a limit on the number of hours a student can work abroad. Most countries allow only 20 hours a week to work part time so that there is no problem with their academic performance. Some countries allow working full time on weekends.

Minimum Wage per Hour for Jobs Abroad for Free?

There are different minimum per hour wage rates offered by different countries. This might range from $5 per hour to $12 for normal and ordinary jobs. You can work at some store, a gas station, a restaurant, etc. Getting jobs abroad for free isn’t any issue as you just need to apply. You don’t need to pay anyone for your job placement. But well before applying for the job, you have to get enrolled for studying abroad. Once you arrive there, you can get jobs abroad for free in 2020.

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  1. I am very interested in this, I have just graduated high school and wish to study and work abroad. From the Philippines

  2. Even I need to go abroad n work for my family as there are lot of issues n so I need a good job. Please help me.

  3. Dear Sir,
    please in more detail’s. I have a job that requires education as well. I stopped my education in 4 years ago. Now the family is humiliating me. I need of education and work for me. Please help me.

  4. please help me on the mater of my study and job i am not belong to rich family my wish i go to abroad for study please help me

  5. hello i am nafosat from Uzbekistan i am an english teacher nowadays ihave good job as teacher but i want to go abroad and work there

  6. I’ve been seeking for a job since i left my studies last year 2014(form 4).am a kenyan citizen but am interested in any of the work.pliiiiz ADD ME COZ AM SOO JOBLESS HERE

  7. Please guide me accordingly I have done my dvm
    Want to get job as technician in any developed country please guide me

  8. dear sir ,
    i have been seeking for a job since 6th months i stop my Education process before 7th year becacuse of unbrearable Home Expenses and i started my Security Guard Jobs in Abu Dhabi from 2008 to 2013 then i finished my time in Abu Dhabi and then i came to Pakistan for some home problem now . Dear sir , i finished every problem with help of God .now i seeking jobs kindly add me in good job.

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