How to apply for US student visa 2014
How to apply for US student visa 2013 – 2014

Want to know how to apply for US student visa? The United States of America is the best spot for International students as it has many opportunities and students get a chance to hone their skills. The American universities there are awesome and the work conditions are also excellent. This article will act as guidance for students looking forward to Applying for Student Visa USA. For the United States, students will need a J-1 Visa or an F-1 visa.

US Student Visa Application Process – How to apply for US student visa?

To start with how to apply for US student visa, select a school which teaches your selected subject and will be suitable for you. Browse the internet and visit the webpages of the schools to make sure that they fulfill your needs.

Start by filling the admission forms or sending your CVs to these schools. Select multiple schools; you’ll get a call from at least 1. Once you have been selected initially, provide with all your previous grades and a proof of funds enough to finance your studies abroad and for accommodation.  A passport is a must and needs not even to be mentioned here. Now the institute will issue you a certificate proclaiming you as one of its students and this certificate is to be shown to the America Embassy in Your Country.  They will also demand any previous criminal record and may conduct a little investigation before allowing US Immigration.

What’s Next on how to apply for US student visa?

With all these steps done on how to apply for US student visa, getting your USA Student Visa shouldn’t take long. You will be surprised that getting a USA Student Visa was this easy. United States is the land of opportunity so getting a student visa is fairly easier when compared to other countries. A USA Student Visa is also flexible; you can work in the United States and support your expenditures.  Some additional documents needed are a certification that you will return to your country after the course, a processing fee which is non-refundable, a passport which is valid till 6 months after your arrival in the United States and a certificate that your parents will be able to afford your education and expenditures (for under 18 students) and some bank statement and social security statements.

US Student Visa Interview and How to apply for US student visa

The interview consists of some basic questions and mostly lasts between 2 to 5 minutes but in some exceptional cases it may take up to half an hour, but not more than that. Your Student Visa will expire once you have graduated or your given course duration has expired, it may be renewed which takes less time that getting it made for the first time. You may take up jobs during your session or during vacations. During vacations work hours are unlimited but during classes, they are a maximum 20 hours per week. This is to support your expenditures only because you cannot continue working after your studies or course is completed. After that you will have to get a work or a full visa.

The United States is a hotspot for brilliant students beyond us tourist visa applicants, who are sure to find abundant jobs which fit their skills and reward them accordingly. Students throng the United States, so after reading this article we are expecting that you will be among those selected for US Student Visa Approval. This is how we get to know how to apply for US student visa.

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