volunteer abroad for freeFree volunteer abroad programs could be one of the best choices for those individuals who want to bring a positive change in not only their own lives but that of others by offering free volunteering services. In fact, when we talk about how to volunteer abroad for free, it means that you offer yourself for free services to the volunteer organizations that place you in some of the remote areas of the world where your free volunteering services could add to the community and its welfare. In most of such cases, you get free airfare to and from the place where you are deployed.

What you get with free volunteer abroad programs

When you join some free volunteer abroad programs, you have to pay some money in most of the cases for boarding as well as lodging. In some free volunteer abroad programs, you can enjoy both the food and accommodation for free as well. So, it depends what programs you choose and in which project of the free volunteer abroad program, you are deployed.

5 Best Free volunteer abroad programs

Although, you have access to many free volunteer abroad programs yet you need to classify them to meet your tailored requirements. Let us take a look at 5 best free volunteer abroad programs that can help you build a bright career as an international volunteer. Here we go:

  1. 1.       WWOOF

This isn’t a totally free rather it is a budgeted Free volunteer abroad program that can be the best option to add a feather of volunteering abroad for free to your cap. This Free volunteer abroad program works in the field of organic farming and most of its projects being carried out are listed on its site http://www.wwoofinternational.org/. Visit the site for more details.

  1. 2.       SE7EN

This is one of the best and free volunteer abroad programs that deals with the projects related with social as well as environmental issues. The very benefit resting with this free volunteer abroad program is that there is no middleman to grab the commission out of you. You can have easy access to the website http://www.the7interchange.com/ where all of its projects are listed. You may find it good and reliable volunteer abroad program.

  1. 3.       IVH

International Volunteer Headquarter stands at the top of the best free volunteer abroad programs as it is the best one for those who want to volunteer work abroad for free full time. Orientations are also provided to the international volunteers. You wont have to worry while working with them as you may get a good chance to work in collaboration with the locals of a country. You can explore different cultures while volunteering abroad with this free volunteer abroad program. Check out their website http://www.volunteerhq.org/ where you can sign up with them.

  1. 4.       Peace Corps

Particularly known to be one of the most favorite free volunteer abroad programs, Peace Corps ensures you are placed in a particular area of your interest. This organization is working with international volunteers in more than 75 countries. This is highly recommended free volunteer abroad program as you can get monthly stipend for your volunteering abroad for free services and a lump sum is also provided at the end of the program. Check out http://www.peacecorps.gov/ and find their free programs without having to pay any money.

  1. 5.       UNV

Who doesn’t know about the United Nations and its institutes and perhaps it is one of the most reliable and favorite free volunteer abroad programs where its projects are offered by United Nations Volunteers. With an option of getting placed in one of 130 countries worldwide, you can volunteer abroad for free for 6-12 months. http://www.unv.org/about-us/faqs.html#4 is the website to take a look at their free volunteer abroad programs.

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