F-1 Student Visa Checklist and Requirements

F1 Student VISAF-1 Student Visa could be your answer to study abroad. If you have decided to study in the US you will have to apply for an F1 visa. For academic purposes the visa class available is a F-1. First of all you will have to apply to an institution and have been offered a placement. These institutions have to be Student Enrolment and Visitor Program (SEVP) approved to be able to obtain a visa. Assuming you have already done that let us get into the details of how to apply for F-1 student visa.

How to Apply for F-1 Student Visa: An Overview

Once your application is approved you will receive the certificate of eligibility form I-20 from the Designated School Official (DSO) and you will have paid the I-901 Student Exchange and Visitor Information (SEVIS) receipt. You will be then enrolled at SEVIS and will be provided with an ID number. These 02 forms are what you will get from USA for you to apply for your visa. The others are what you will have to provide from your end. All this in hand you will then have to face an interview. The interview process can vary from country to country and you may also be asked to take a digital finger print scan depending on your country.

How to Apply for F-1 Student Visa: F1 Student Visa Checklist

  • The form I-20
  • The SEVIS receipt
  • The confirmation page of the DS-160 form or the nonimmigrant visa form that you will have completed online.
  • A passport with at least 06 months validity after entry to US.
  • Academic transcripts
  • Evidence of funds: These funds should cover all expenses, namely tuition fees, accommodation and food and travel expenses
  • Documentation that states and proves that you will be returning to your country after completing your course. This could be in the form of bank statements, proof of assets, etc.
  • One 5cmx5cm (2”x2”) photograph.
  • The receipt you received after paying the visa processing fee. This will be obtained from the bank you paid your fee.
  • You may also have to pay a visa insurance reciprocity fee. This is specific to certain countries. For information for your country, view the visa reciprocity table at www.travel.state.gov/visa/fees.

For further information you can visit the website www.immihelp.com/visas/studentvisa/f1-visa-documents.  The process could take up to 04 months and you should get a reply 2 -3 weeks after your interview. Call the embassy or consulate to track it down if you do not receive a reply within that period after the interview. Apply early, that is always the best. This information should help you to have an understanding of how to apply for F-1 student visa.