study in south africaEducation in South Africa could bring bright prospects to your life. South Africa is a beautiful country, its people speak around 10 different languages adding to its color, technology is advanced and the country is modern. You will be able to travel, watch wild life and engage in many sports depending on what you like doing best. Do you want to education in South Africa? Do you want to study in South Africa for free?

How to get Education in South Africa for Free

South Africa welcomes students from all over the world. The exchange rate is low and consequently living here is cheap. You can secure a world class education not for free but by paying a reasonable tuition fee. The fees vary from institution to institution. For an undergraduate course it will cost roughly around 12000ZAR (South African Rands) which is equivalent to roughly 1350USD and around 22000ZAR roughly 2500USD for a post graduate program per year. The cost of living will vary on your interests and travel and the amount of “fun” you indulge in.

Financial Aid for education in South Africa for Free

–          Master Card Foundation Scholarship Program for Africans

–          Canon Collins Post Graduate Scholarships for Africans

–          Graça Machel scholarship for women

–          Graça Machel SASOL scholarship for Mozambican women

–          Wits Scholarships for Honours in Development Theory and Policy

           are some of the scholarships available. Visit for

            more information.

For further information on scholarships available for students outside the African continent to study in South Africa, visit

As you can see you will not be able to education in South Africa for free. Applying for a scholarship nonetheless will allow you to study for free depending on the type. Try your luck and apply for a full scholarship. You will not only study for free, but you will be able to explore this land, develop ties with many other nationals and be part of a very different experience with free education in South Africa.

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