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Canadian Student Visa Checklist and Requirements

Canadian Student Visa is what you need to study in Canada. After deciding to study in Canada, the first step is to apply to an institution and get accepted. After this you will have to obtain a visa or a study permit to enter Canada and the institute. This article discusses how to apply for a Canadian student visa.

How to Apply for Canadian Student Visa: Canadian Student Visa Requirements

There are several application forms that have to be filled. This is known as the application package and can be filled online or downloaded and filled on paper depending on your eligibility. To check your eligibility, visit The package includes:

canadian student visa requirements

Canadian student visa

  • The Documents Check List: This document has to be submitted along with the other documents.
  • Application for a Study Permit Made Outside of Canada
  • Family information
  • Schedule 1 – Application for temporary resident visa: Students of some countries do not need a temporary visa. To check if you require a visa or are exempted, visit
  • Statutory Declaration of Common –Law Union
  • Custodian Declaration
  • Use of Representative: It is not essential that you should use a representative to help you with obtaining a study permit.

You may not need all the documents stated above. It may vary according to your country of residence and your personal status. There is an instruction guide that is available with the package that will help you further. The complete package can be viewed or downloaded at:

How to Apply for a Canadian Study Visa: Documents Checklist for Canadian Student Visa

There are other essential documents that have to be submitted along with the above to obtain a study permit. The documents are;

  • Proof of acceptance: You will show this by submitting the original letter of acceptance issued by the institution you applied for.
  • A valid pass port and two photographs taken according to the specifications. This counts as proof of identification. The specifications for photographs can be found at:
  • Proof of financial support. You will have to prove that you can support yourself in Canada, not only with the tuition fee, but also with living and travel expenses. This may be done by showing bank statements, loans, scholarship, etc.
  • Letter of explanation, if at all you are initially entering for anything else other than studies and think that you may want to study later on.
  • Pay the required fees. The fee has to be included with the application and has to be paid in methods specified by the Canadian embassy or consulate in your country. Check to find out the office in your country.
  • You may need a medical examination if you qualify to obtain a temporary resident visa. should be visited for more information.
  • Towards the end of 2013 Canada will be introducing biometric identity screening for certain countries. will provide information if you require to take it.
  • A Security check also may be required. To determine the requirements and if you will have to undergo the process should be visited.

After everything is checked and ready, you can submit the application form. The whole process will take some time and will require hard work, but on the long run it will be worth it. Hopefully now you have sufficient information on how to apply for Canadian student visa.