Canadian Student Visa is what you need to study in Canada. After deciding to study in Canada, the first step is to apply to an institution and get accepted. After this you will have to obtain a visa or a study permit to enter Canada and the institute. This article discusses how to apply for a Canadian student visa.

How to Apply for Canadian Student Visa: Canadian Student Visa Requirements

There are several application forms that have to be filled. This is known as the application package and can be filled online or downloaded and filled on paper depending on your eligibility. To check your eligibility, visit The package includes:

canadian student visa requirements
Canadian student visa

You may not need all the documents stated above. It may vary according to your country of residence and your personal status. There is an instruction guide that is available with the package that will help you further. The complete package can be viewed or downloaded at:

How to Apply for a Canadian Study Visa: Documents Checklist for Canadian Student Visa

There are other essential documents that have to be submitted along with the above to obtain a study permit. The documents are;

After everything is checked and ready, you can submit the application form. The whole process will take some time and will require hard work, but on the long run it will be worth it. Hopefully now you have sufficient information on how to apply for Canadian student visa.

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  1. i have recently completed my degree( M.s In Marketing).i wanna continue my study without any lap.someone kindly show me or put me on the right direction ,how to get enrolled in P.H.D(marketing) in canada

  2. Hello am a citizen of nigeria,having read the requirement necessary for admission I think capable all wise,but I don’t know hw to go on with the admission procedure

  3. I want to studied in live in Canada i have requested the government of Canada
    to please as soon as possible to send me the visa of Canada

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