Benefits of Studying Abroad in franceWhat are the benefits of studying abroad in France? France; a country with a rich history, mouthwatering food and wine, amazing landscapes, modern city sites, art, scientists and researchers of yester year, it was placed 4th in the world with 49 Nobel laureates during the 19th century. Does the academic acclamation of France still make it attractive for students nowadays? Are there benefits of studying abroad in France?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of studying abroad in France

France is definitely still attractive to students. It is the 4th popular study destination in the world. What makes it so appealing?

The first benefit is the low cost of studying abroad in France

The majority of higher education institutes are state funded. Therefore the tuition fees are low, around 177EUR per year for a Bachelor’s course. It will depend however on the kind of Bachelor’s course you want to study. For example an engineering course would cost a little extra. But if at all you want to gain entry in to a private institution, then the fees structure will be according to the respective institution.

Grants and scholarships another benefits of studying abroad in France

There are a large number of grants and scholarships offered to international students by the French government. These are advertised on French embassies and consulates websites.  There is a search engine for scholarships and grants on websites of French campuses. There are universities both EU and non-EU, which are involved in the Erasmus program. Students from these universities can apply for the scheme through their universities.

 Work opportunities

Students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during the semester and full time during holidays. Non EU students do not need a work permit anymore and can work with their student visa.

Medication and insurance

The state provides medical insurance through the social security system. 70% of the medical expense is taken over by the state for each individual.

Living and eating

The cost of living in France varies depending on the city. There are discounts for food, entertainment and transport. The institutions have programs that help international students feel welcome and settle in. Depending on the country you come from, you may be entitled for accommodation belonging to universities in cities such as Paris. Universities outside the major cities have accommodation and dormitories at subsidized prices.

Are there any draw backs besides the benefits of studying abroad in France?

It is up to you to decide if the following are draw backs or cons and can be counted as benefits of studying abroad in France.

Then consider being a part of this experience and join an institution in France, do the benefits of studying aboard in France outweigh the detriments to you.

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