Australian student visa 2020 is the prime requirement to study in Australia. As an international student who has chosen Australia as your study destination, you will have to apply for a student visa before moving to Australia for studies. Given below is some information on how to apply for Australian student visa 2020.

How to Apply for Australian Student Visa 2020: General Information

Application for a student visa is a must for any international student enrolling for a course lasting 3 months or more in Australia. You will first have to apply to an institution and received an unconditional offer of placement. You will have accepted this in writing and paid a tuition fee deposit specified to the institution.

In other words you should have received a Conformation of Enrolment from the institution. You should apply for your visa 124 days before the commencement of the course. For undergraduate and post graduate degrees by course work you will have to apply for a subclass 573 student visa and for a post graduate degree by research you will have to apply for a subclass 574 student visa.

Australian student visa application
Australian Student Visa 2020 Checklist and Requirements

The process of application will depend largely on the country that you are applying from. You can also consult and get the help of registered Australian education agents in your country for this purpose. Alternatively you can contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) of the Australian Government in your country. The visa rules for Australia, keep changing all the time, therefore it is best to visit the website to get the latest information on student visas. The cost of the visa is revised on the 1st of July every year. The process may take up to 4 weeks. On the other hand online applications are much quicker.

How to Apply for Australian Student Visa 2020: Australian student visa Checklist

There are assessment levels been introduced to the system which is dependent on the “migration risk”. Higher the level, higher the migration risk and therefore more stringent the application process. Hence, the requirements differ from level to level. However there are certain requirements that are common to all levels.

Apart from the above the assessment levels have other criterion that has to be fulfilled by the student before the visa can be issued, such as providing evidence of English language proficiency, financial support and different methods of providing financial support and providing academic transcripts. All the information in this regard can be found on

Filling in the forms with the proper documentation will help you get you visa without a hassle. Yes applying for an Australian student visa 2020 can be confusing, but once you get into your course, the sky is your limit.

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