Miss Alabama Katherine WebMiss Alabama Katherine Webb is the real AJ McCarron Girlfriend who has done it and she is up there with thousands of her new followers on Twitter and other social networks. One thing for more interest is that her followers also include Brent Musburger. She is also all set to prepare for the BCS Championship.

Hey, do you think that AJ McCarron Girlfriend is going to do away with the performance and efficiency of Mr AJ McCarron in the BCS show?

Do you also know that AJ McCarron Girlfriend is also the very early winner who has made the win in the very first shows of BCS championship?

In fact, this was the impression AJ McCarron Girlfriend, Miss Alabama Katherine Webb that urged ESPN commentator Brent Musburger praise her in on the national TV and it came out to be the mere reason why all of a sudden she got scores of Twitter Followers within no time.

AJ McCarron Girlfriend Twitter Followers Sound Impressive

Well before she was in BCS Championship, she had not more than 2,000 followers but right after the commenting of Brent Musburger her graph of followers raised to more than 104,000 within moments! That’s really impressive!

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