Right the time, a business kicks off, multiple factors come into play for the success or failure of the business. As the business starts growing, things and responsibilities keep changing. Let’s see where it resides with both the owner and the enterprise when it comes to the categorized responsibilities with 50/50 ratio.

The owner stands first and we shall sneak a peek into the owner’s responsibilities here:

  1. Categorized goal development in the mind of the owner for himself or herself and the business
  2. Operational sets of skills and knowledge for managing and developing the business in accordance with the goals set by him or her
  3. Deliberate and managed delegation of multi-level authority by the owner with efficient supervision
  4. Strategic planning to forecast the future of the business owing to the SWOT analysis

Here comes the enterprise into play. Here is what an enterprise is meant for!

  1. Finance and the resources of finance including cash in hand and ability to borrow
  2. Management and staff level human resources, their competence, skills and numbers
  3. Collective systems of resources including information system, planning system and the controls
  4. Business resources that make the business stand among the competitors for the market share, the product portfolio, customer base, etc.

Owning these responsibilities and coping with the same confirms a business growth with profits to come!

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