Top Universities in US 2020 with Study Abroad Scholarships

Top universities in US 2020 are also some of the top universities in the world 2020 and allow you to choose from a broad variety of subjects from any major discipline. These American universities offer Bachelors, Masters, PhD as well as fellowship programs. The rankings of these universities are assessed using a wide range of criteria ranging from the teaching learning environment to the subjects on offer, to the annual fee charged and even the international student ratio per faculty. Let us take a close look at the top universities in US 2020 based on the ranking of US News.

Ranking of Top Universities 2020 in US Based on US News

Basically the ranking helps a person identify at a glance the quality of each institution on accepted indicators of excellence such as graduation rates, strength of the faculty, annual fee, results per university and freshman retention. The schools are first categorized by their mission. This is done according to the principles known as the Carnegie principles, given by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching’s Basic Classification in 2010.

The name for each category however is given exclusively by the US news. The categories the schools fall in to are; National Universities; that offer undergraduate, masters and PhD programs and are based on research, National Liberal Arts Colleges; that offer undergraduate programs only, Regional Universities; that offer undergraduate degrees to a great extent and masters degrees but very few doctoral degrees, Regional Colleges; that offer undergraduate programs but focus less on liberal arts. 16 indicators are used to gather data based on academic excellence. The overall score is then calculated and the ranks awarded accordingly to give the top universities in US 2020.

Top Universities in US 2020 as per National University Rankings

We will be focusing our attention on the national Universities that are ranked based on the US News. Out of the top universities in US, the top 10 are featured here.

  • Harvard University – is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts and is a private institution. This is the oldest higher education institute in the US and is an Ivy League school.
  • Princeton University – Located in Princeton, New Jersey this was the first university to introduce the grants system to financially challenged students.
  • Yale University – is located in New Haven, Connecticut. It is a major research institution and a small campus.
  • Columbia University – located in Manhattan, New York, this is also an Ivy League campus with 03 undergraduate schools; namely, Columbia College, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the School of General Studies.
  • University of Chicago – situated at Hyde Park, Chicago, it is a rich campus life in a big-city.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts offers courses in Maths, Science, Engineering, Architecture, Humanities, Management and Social Sciences. Though considered as the Worlds number 1 according to the QS World University Rankings, it ranks 6th according to the US News rankings. It is also a major research institution.
  • Stanford University – located in California Bay, San Francisco, it focuses on research and offers courses in many subject areas.
  • Duke University – is located in Durham, North Carolina and offers engineering and liberal arts as undergraduate courses
  • University of Pennsylvania – located in Philadelphia, this university was founded by Benjamin Franklin. Arts and Sciences, Nursing, Engineering and Applied Sciences are the study programs offered by the university, and Wharton school belonging to the University offers a program in Management.
  • California Institute of Technology – located in California, it ranks as the world’s number 1 according to the Times higher Education Rankings. However here it ranks 10th. Its main focus is education in Science and Engineering and is involved in research with NASA, the US Department of Health and Human Services and the National Science Foundation.

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The final decision relies entirely on the future student as to which one he or she is going to choose out of the top universities in US 2020 to study abroad in America.

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