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Study in Thailand for Free with International Scholarships

Study in thailand Study in Thailand for Free with international scholarships available now. Thailand: The land of the free is a fascinating country with a captivating culture that is in between the past and the present. Fascinating architecture of temples and statues, the Royal palace which houses the king – yes Thailand still has a king and of course Thai food is what adds the charm to the country. The country relies largely on tourism. Do you want to be a part of this? Do you want to enter a university in Thailand and experience it? Are you wondering whether you can study in Thailand for free? Let us take a look then and see how possible studying for free is.

Study in thailand Is it Possible to Study in Thailand for Free?

Thailand has both public and private universities. There are more than 800 international study abroad programs available in these universities in Thailand which include both undergraduate and postgraduate levels of study. For more details you can visit www.studyinthailand.org. The cost for tuition fees alone varies, which depends on the university, its location and the course.

To study in a private university it will cost you somewhere around 60000THB (Thai Baht) to 200000 THB. This is roughly around 2000USD to 7000USD. Remember also that this is only the tuition fee; you will also have to think about living expenses, travelling, and entertainment and so on. So therefore the study in Thailand will not be free. However, you can try applying for a scholarship that will cover the whole cost of your education. Then you will be studying for free. There are half scholarships as well that will cover part of your expenses. That will also be helpful because at least part of the cost will be free exempted.

What are the Scholarship Schemes Available to Study in Thailand for Free?

Study in thailand

  • By visiting the website www.fulbrightthai.org students from America can get information about the grants they can apply for to study in Thailand.
  • All international students can find more information about the study abroad scholarship schemes at Thai universities by accessing the websites,

–          www.scholars4dev.com.

–          www.scholarshiexperts.com

–          www.scholarshipnet.info

–          www.scholarship-finder.net

–          www.diversityabroad.com/Search/international-scholarships/Thailand

–          www.asiaexchange.org/en/

–          www.studyabroaduniversities.com

–          www.iie.org/Students

If you want to be a part of this dynamic culture apply for a placement at a Thai university. Scholarships are not only for those who have financial difficulties, but also for those who have a brilliant academic track record. So go ahead and try for a scholarship. To study in Thailand for free will become a reality once you get your scholarship.

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