Study in Portugal for free in Top Ranking Universities in Portugal

study in portugalWant to study in Portugal for free? Then here’s what you’re looking for! Research shows that Portugal is one of the most considered countries for study abroad programs.

In today’s times, studying abroad is one among the hottest topics for the young generation. Most of the youngsters have the urge to study in the best of the colleges or schools and consider it a must for them to go abroad. Well if you are looking for information on the best place to go for studies then here is your guide!

Free Study in Portugal:

Portugal is the westernmost country in Europe, known for its breath-taking history and its attractive destinations. Portugal not only has its beauty but also it has a wide variety of higher educational courses.  Higher Education in Portugal comes in two forms:

  • Universities
  • Polytechnics

The main difference in these is that in universities they focus more on academics while on the other hand in Polytechnics they concentrate on training for the child ambition.

Why choose to study in Portugal?

In the past 2 decades, Portugal has made great strides in learning and innovations. Among the universities in Portugal, five appear in the 2012-2013 QS World University Rankings. The adult literacy rate is 99% and according to Program for International Student Assessment – (PISA) 2009 an average 15 year student who has studied in Portugal is placed at the same point as any other who has studied from US, Sweden, Germany or France with a total of 489 points. Students from all over the world come to Portugal for their education as it provides both studies in English as well as in its own language.

Fee structure to study in Portugal

The most important part- the tuition fees is affordable. Full time students enrolled in Bachelor’s or master’s programs are charged an average tuition fee of approximately 950 – 1250 Euros per academic year while for PhD degrees the average tuition fee is approximately 2500 – 3000 Euros per academic year. And as for the schools the average undergraduate tuition fees is $ 1500 per year plus have affordable fees for boarding.

Study abroad Programs to study in Portugal for free

As been the leading country in education, the government of Portugal organizes many programs. MIT, CIEE are examples of such programs. These programs enable your child to study in Portugal without making your wallets empty. They also ensure high quality education.

From amazing education facilities to cheap cost of living, Portugal has everything. All these factors strengthen our reason as to why a person should study in Portugal.

Please, note that in most of the European countries including Portugal, there are study abroad free opportunities! Just find out the relevant universities in Portugal and contact them for your interest to study in Portugal for free!

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