Study in Hong Kong for free with Study abroad scholarships

study in hongkongDo you want to study in Hong Kong for free? Thinking of studying in Hong Kong? There are many reasons why you should consider the option. It is a country where old cultures of the East and new cultures of the West meet. They live side by side. It is an important from the economic standpoint and for students there are many avenues to explore. The mystical land China is nearby. Experience the food and the other activities in Hong Kong. It will never be boring.

Can someone Study in Hong Kong for Free?

Studying in Hong Kong is not exactly free. The tuition fee varies from one university to the other, but ranges between $75000 and $120000 Hong Kong dollars per year. That is around $9700 to $15400 USD when converted. However, there are a number of scholarships available for students. If awarded, “yes” you will be able to study for free. These funds may be provided by the universities themselves, by individuals, professional or charitable organizations, academic departments and others. This largely depends on the type of scholarship. Some awards pay part of the tuition fees and some cover the full amount for tuition fees, housing and also personal expenses.

study in hong kongWhat are the Scholarships Available to Study in Hong Kong for Free?

  • Logging in to the website will allow international students to access the Hong Kong universities and find the scholarship that suit their need, in a university that they feel the need to study at.
  • There are also scholarships which are specific to each country. Getting through to the websites of your respective country will help get an insight of the scholarship schemes available to all countries, not just Hong Kong. Each country has tie ups with universities of other countries.

It is in the best interest of the student to decide where and what you want to study. If you choose Hong Kong, even without a scholarship will cost far less than most countries. Hong Kong is an interesting country for a young student. Go ahead, decide. Even if you think that you do not have enough funding to study in Hong Kong, it is possible to find a scholarship that will allow you to study in Hong Kong for free.

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