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German educational institutes are one of the oldest institutes in Europe to study in Germany for Free 2020. Germany has emerged as one of the favoured destination for study abroad with German scholarships. The country has excelled others in terms of their higher technology and that is why the demand for these universities is increasing.

Though in many universities classes are being conducted in the German language but it is not a big problem. This is because most of the international standard universities studying in the English language are also practiced. One can avoid language problem by opting the English language.

Students always look for scholarships it reduced the burden of the studies or sometimes it makes the study free. One has to remember that to get scholarship in Germany one has to get himself enrolled in Government College. This is essential because in this country private institutions do not offer scholarships.   A number of scholarships are being offered by German government.

Scholarships to Study in Germany for free

The students have to furnish some documents to get the German study visa. The documents are the passport with minimum 6 months validity, evidence of enrollment of a German government institute, evidence of language proficiency, attested educational documents and four recent photographs of the student.

Heinrich Boll Scholarships in Germany for International Students

This is a masters or PhD. Degree scholarship. It is given annually and March is the deadline of it.  It is given for all subjects and targeted student group is basically North Africa and Middle East, especially Egypt, Syria, Israel and Tunisia.  For the doctoral students the candidate has to be from a non EU citizen. Monthly 1000 Euro for PhD. students and monthly 750 Euro for master’s degree student are given under the scheme. Any international student qualifying the entrance examination can apply for it. The time of application varies from the beginning of the course up to first semester.  The selection procedure is generally held in Germany only.  Though all subjects are examined but preferences are given on the subjects and dissertation topics which are related to the working domains of the Heinrich Boll Foundation.  Apart from all these criteria one has to German very well to be eligible for the scholarship.

Germany Scholarships to Study in Germany for Free 2020

It provides both financial and nonfinancial assistance to the students who are committed and achieved high. Private sponsors or institutions generally give 150 Euro to a young student. The German government also adds another 15 Euro to it. Apart from this, the scholarship holders get to attend mentoring and networking programs and internships as well. The scholarship is given only to talented students and without taking into consideration the family income of the student. The students are required to meet the requirements given by the respective institutions.  The funding is generally granted for minimum of two semesters. During the study period it is examined that if the student still holds the award winning standard or not. If the student is found suitable then the scholarship period will be extended to the maximum limit to study in Germany for free 2020.

Study in Germany for free in English

Study in Germany for free in English

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