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Study in Europe for free without IELTS 2018

Study in Europe for free without IELTS 2018 is possible in some European countries. Europe is a popular study destination for international students. Why? Europe is rich in natural beauty, with magnificent mountains and landscapes, a rich history, ancient buildings, art and music. Also Europe is home to many top branded industries, where students can get hands on experience and training.

Those who love traveling can do so quite comfortably because the countries are located close together and students can let their hair down and have some real fun every now and then. The living standards are high; Europe is multicultural and has many ways of making students feel at home. Thinking of studying in Europe? Thinking to study in Europe for free? Let’s explore this possibility.

Study abroad scholarships to Study in Europe for free 2018

The majority of the countries charge tuition fees for students. So studying is not free I am afraid. The fees depend on the institutions and the course you want to study. However there are scholarship programs that can be used; some that award substantial amounts to pay your tuition fees and all other living and travel expenses if a full scholarship, meaning that you will indeed be studying for free and some awarding half scholarships, where your living expenses are covered.

Then there are the minorities that waive off tuition fees for all international students. Indeed you will not have to bother about tuition fees, but there are other expenses such as administration fees that will be charged and you will have to find funds to pay for living and traveling.

study in europe without ielts

Countries waiving off tuition fees for Study in Europe for free 2018

  • Finland: You will not be paying tuition fees for Bachelor’s and doctoral programs, but Master’s programs may attract a fee depending on the subject and institution. Up to 8000EUR may be charged for a Master’s degree depending on the program. However if you are a citizen of the EU/EEA region, a non-EU/EEA citizen permanently resident in Finland you will not be paying a fee. Scholarships are available for non-EU students from the institutions themselves. It is best to visit the websites of these institutions and see if you qualify for any of them. Visit www.studyinfinland.fi/tuition_and_scholarships/tuition_fees for more details.
  • Austria: Students from least developed countries pay no tuition fees. To see if your country comes under this category, visit www.ris.bka.gv.at/Dokumente/Bundesnormen/NOR40055962/NOR40055962.pdf.

Students who can prove that they will pursue studies or practical training in transnational EU, state or university mobility programs, are also exempted from paying tuition fees.

  • Norway: All students are exempted from paying tuition fees. However the living and travel expenses will have to be met by the students. Financial support is available nevertheless. Science without borders, Erasmus program for EU/EEA students, Erasmus Mundus, are some of the very many funding programs available .Visit the website www.studyinnorway.no/sn/Tuition-Scholarships for further information.
  • Germany: The rules have changed and Germany now charges tuition fees. However many universities still do not charge tuition fees except a small enrolment fee, around 50EUR to 150EUR. In some federal states the universities do charge tuition fees. When deciding to study at German institutions it is best to contact the institute you plan to study in and clarify if and when you have to pay tuition fees. There is the DAAD fund and some state funding is available if you meet certain criteria. The academic international offices of the university or the social office in Studentenwerk can also help you if money is hard to come by. For more information visit, www.internationale-studierende.de/en/prepare_your_studies/financing.
  • Other Countries: Students from EU/EEA and Switzerland can study free in Denmark and Sweden; where as students from other countries will have to pay.

Study in Europe for free: Countries where you have to pay

Immaterial of being a student from EU/EEA and Switzerland or any other country, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and UK charge fees. Switzerland charges fees from students of all countries as well. However, the fee students from EU/EEA and Switzerland will be paying a less fee compared with the rest of the world. Visiting websites which give scholarships and funding options and visiting individual university websites having scholarship schemes will enable you to study for free.

To know if you can study in Europe for free without ielts 2018 takes a lot of research and time. When you have found the study program that will allow you to do so, you will be studying in the world’s best universities for free. The website www.mastersportal.eu/students/articles/tuition-fees-for-students-in-europe/ will give you more information.

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