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Is Senior George Bush Dead?

Senior George Bush death

28-12-2012 Updates

“George H W Bush Health Updates”

As we see Senior George Bush has been in intensive care since November 23 and the family currently is giving no George H W Bush Health Updates which causes a stir in the emotions. The family sounds to be quite on Ex President Bush Senior’s Health.

The latest Statement by George H W Bush

The news of Norman Schwarzkopf death was the latest thing associated with updates from the ex President. George Bush Senior issued a mourning statement on the death of Norman Schwarzkopf. To be mention here we see that Norman Schwarzkopf was the desert storm commander and he is no more among us. Norman Schwarzkopf dies and it gives a pain to all the Americans.

Is Senior George Bush Really Dead?

There are rumors that George H W Bush is dead but let us break to you that Ex-Us President George H W Bush is in Intensive Care and is undergoing treatment.  There is  good news that he is quite fine and it might be a regular checkup after George Bush Recovered.

George H W Bush is in intensive care unit

Former US President Senior George Bush was admitted in the intensive care unit but he seems all health and recovered bantering with the nurses now.  He has been reported to be in the ICU of Houston’s Methodist Hospital. George H W was suffering from normal fever but it was the day of Wednesday that it rose to the higher levels that asked for the ICU treatment of Ex-US president George H W Bush.

The more news about him is to come but beware George H W Bush isn’t Dead! He has been in the Houston’s Methodist Hospital after Thanksgiving day!  George Bush Senior was the 41st US president. He is 84 now being the oldest alive presidents.

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