Best Places to Study Abroad 2020

Based on the current best rankings of the QS world university rankings for the best student cities in 2020, we are going to discuss in detail each of the best places to study abroad in 2020. There have been maintained many factors by the QS while gauging these places to be the best for the students. It includes the quality of education, academic faculty, academic resources, academic facilities, entertainment, peace, etc.

List of the Best Places to Study Abroad in 2020

Here we are going to list down the detailed introduction of the best places to study abroad in 2020 where international students can study and enjoy together.

All what they want for the best and quality education is available at these study abroad destinations. Let’s check them out one by one.

Best places to study abroad

Best places to study abroad

1- Study in Paris, France

If you want to study in the Best place to study abroad in the world then Paris, France is the one for you. It is not only about the fashion and style but also about the world class education. It is for the third time in a row that Paris, the capital city of France has been honored to be the best city to study abroad in the world. There are many universities and colleges in Paris that have been rated top for their quality education. Although living costs are higher in this city but the effect can be offset by the low tuition fees.

2- Study in Melbourne, Australia

With exceptional student satisfaction rating and top quality educational institutes, you can study in Melbourne with complete confidence as it has been ranked second best city to study abroad after Paris. The diverse academic facilities available to the large number of international students cater to the academic standards required. It is the second largest city of Australia as well. It houses some of the best universities and colleges in Australia. It hosts 7 internationally ranked and well recognized universities in the world.

3- Study in London, England

Capital city of England, to study in London is more than a dream coming true to most of the international students. There are thousands of international students who get enrolled with colleges and universities in London to pursue their professional careers. London is all about quality academic facilities offered through top notch technical help. The city has always been a home to the best academic institutes in the world. It is the wide range of academic courses offered at exceptional standards that make London the third best city to study abroad.

4- Study in Sydney, Australia

Australia has always catered to the best academic standards and Sydney is the city where international students fulfill their academic excellence dreams while studying in some of the best universities and colleges in Australia that also rank among the best universities and colleges in the world. Showcasing some of the best beaches in the world, beautiful opera house and an attractive harbor, Sydney, Australia also quenches the thirst of millions of international tourists. It ranks fourth as the best city to study abroad.

5- Study in Hong Kong, China

Housing 7 world class universities in the densely populated metropolitan area, Hong Kong is the city that never sleeps and keeps you going all the way. Whether you are a student, a businessman, a tourist or anyone else, Hong Kong has everything to offer. You can enjoy the beautiful culture, amazing scenery, people from around the globe and lots of fun activities. With international splendor and local attractions, Hong Kong stands at the 5th place to be the best city to study abroad.

6- Study in Boston, USA

Are you dreaming of studying in the best universities and colleges in USA? Do you want to enjoy the real American touch to the world while learning your academic skills? Do you want to pursue your degree through the hands of the top notch faculty of the world. Boston is the 6th best city to study abroad when it comes to studying in a multidimensional environment. With state of the art technology and latest academic facilities, Boston boasts of being the best city in America where you can pursue your academic dreams that are more aspired to come true.

7- Study in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, the densely populated and the most technologically advanced city in the world has always been pioneer in the field of technology and education. There are many high class universities and colleges in Tokyo where lots of international students are pursuing their academic courses. Right from the fashion and art to the science and technology, Tokyo universities and colleges offer almost all kinds of courses. Owed to its unmatched academic policies and institutes, Tokyo ranks 7th to be the best city to study abroad.

8- Study in Montreal, Canada

When it comes to studying in the best academic environments in the world, Canada is just like a paradise for the international students and Montreal city is the one that boasts of being the best in Canada. With McGill University in the heart of this city, it is 8th in the best places to study abroad and the best city to study abroad in Canada. The best thing that out-stands others is the low tuition fees as well as other expenses and this is where international students have always wished to study in Montreal.

9- Study in Toronto, Canada

Those who really love Canada and want to enjoy the diverse and multicultural environment while studying in some of the best universities and colleges in Canada, studying in the 8th best city to study abroad in Canada is something that would help them excel in their academic as well as professional career. The advanced and modern city hosts all of the academic facilities and comes out to be one of the best study abroad destinations. It is the largest city in Canada that boasts of being the most desirable city by the students as per QS world rankings.

10- Study in Seoul, South Korea

When it comes to studying in some of the best and state of the art study abroad destinations in Asia, Seoul has some special feasts for the international students. Although, it has been a bit off and on from time to time but now it has grabbed the position that other cities do aspire. Korean economy has grown to multifolds and now it is one of the leading economies of Asia hosting some of the best international companies including Samsung. In addition to all that, Seoul marks good for the provision of best academic amenities to the international students becoming 10th best city to study abroad.

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